San Salvador Mission Trip with SHIP {part 3}

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This is the last in a 3 part series about our trip to San Salvador. If you missed my first two blog posts, you can read them here & here.

On Wednesday, I finally awoke refreshed for the day. Although I was tired from the work, I was energized with God’s work.

After English class, Giselle, Marcia and I headed to the home makeover project to learn how to make pupusas. Juanita & Yessenia were teaching us. We needed about 75 pupusas to feed the work crew and neighbor kids.  What a task.

Juanita placed the beans & cheese in the tortilla mix and showed us how to form the dough into a round circle for our pupusas.  We started making pupusas on the grill. Yessenia flipped them for us.

SHIP San Salvador Mission Trip - Spring Break 2013
Learning to make pupusas – traditional meal in San Salvador

I don’t know how Yessenia did it because she is nine months pregnant, due that weekend.  But, she stood at that hot grill cooking lunch for us all.  What a servant!

On Wednesday afternoon, we had an open-air meeting down the street.  I think we had over 90 kids and adults join us for face painting, balloon making and pure fun.

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project

After awhile, Sue led us in singing (nope, I didn’t know the songs) and her dad gave a message.  Steve told me he was encouraging the moms & dads to be good examples for their kids to follow.  At the end, they prayed for those who wanted to receive Christ, the kids and finally our USA team.

Dinner with the neighborhood kids and some time at the orphanage with the kids. Of course, Steve did a few magic tricks.

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project

On Thursday, Giselle passed out letters from her Bryan, Texas fifth graders to the orphans in English class.  After reading the story of Noah, they wrote letters back to the American students.

The room at our Extreme Makeover was almost done at lunch time.  Steve said there was one change order (term from remodeling) when Juanita brought an outlet to him and asked to install it. How do you like their new bedroom?

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project


Juanita & Yessenia are all smiles!

Thursday afternoon brought some excitement. Other moms in the neighborhood asked why their kids couldn’t participate or get new shoes. Robert explained that we would get another English tutor when we have more money.  Our funds are limited.  Ann explained their kids would have to be well behaved or they couldn’t participate.

In the end, we believe Satan does not like the work we are doing, especially the spiritual work.  Kids are getting saved and needs are being met…through God Almighty.

Dinner and a movie with the orphans that night.  Lion King 3 in Spanish because the kids say it’s the funniest Lion King movie. I laughed more because Jesus laughed at so many parts.  After the movie we passed out Beanie Babies to all the orphans.  Even the teenagers took a Beanie Baby.

Since the work project was complete, Friday was spent at Atami where there is black sand from volcanic ash.  Steve & I both fell asleep in a hammock while reading.

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project

God also calls us to rest & refresh ourselves every week on the Sabbath.  Friday was a perfect example of refreshment so we could  be ready for more ministry.

Another dinner & a movie with the neighborhood kids.

Before the movie, we had a special time.  We were able to present Dora (with breast cancer) with $550 for her cancer treatment and transportation to the center.

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project

Can you believe it?

God provided money for Dora in 3 days .

God is faithful. God is powerful.

Both Dora and her husband, Guillermo were overwhelmed.  We prayed and anointed her with oil.  May God heal her and let her be an example of His mighty & merciful hand.

Please pray right now for Dora’s healing from cancer. Thanks so much!

What a glorious way to end our mission trip.  Helping one of God’s own as she struggles with cancer.

 Goodbyes are Tough

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International ProjectSaturday morning was a tough one.  We had to say goodbye to families and kids where friendships had been created.

As we were taking photos of the neighborhood kids & parents, Katerin began crying.  Katerin is a beautiful & smart young lady with a soft heart. Her dad left their family and she yearns for love & attention.  She knew our week had come to an end.

But, we’ll be back in the summer.  I’m so excited. We’ll reach out with God’s love and mercy.  We’ll help to grow those kids spiritually so they are a shining light for Him.

After our goodbyes in the courtyard, we headed into the orphanage to hug and say “muy fultas”  Another group photo, knowing some will be back to share God’s love.

mission trip - spring break 2013 - ship sheltering homeless

On a wonderful note, we were able to present Yessenia with a new rocking chair for her & her soon-to-be-born baby.  They surprised us with a beautiful rose bush that is now planted at the entrance of the learning center.

SHIP Sheltering Homeless International Project

Good Works

On Saturday morning, I finished reading I Timothy where Paul shares how the local church is to be structured.   We often look at I Timothy as a guidebook for elders & deacons as they lead the church.

What I saw was much more.  I discovered that “good works” is used 5 times in I Timothy. If all we do is share the gospel with no works behind it, our words are empty. Good works are essential as we reach out to others.

Question: How do you show good works? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Good Words, Good Works

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