Let’s make this YOUR Best Year Ever with . . .


You enjoy time with our kids and desire peace in your homeschool,
but your kids struggle with a good attitude on a regular basis.

So, let’s add simple character building to create the best homeschool for “your” family this year. Quit pulling out your hair and trying things that don’t work. I know …

You’re Looking For . . .

Peace in Your Home & Homeschool

You’ve read about peace in your home, but you’re still searching for a way to make it happen. You know where you’d like your to be, but getting there is not easy for you.

Obedient Children

The screens have taken over. They barely hear you, much less listen. You wish you didn’t have to ask ten times for your child to obey.

Children with Initiative

When you give an ultimatum, your kids finally pay attention and follow through. You wish they would help around the house and complete their learning activities without you nagging them.

And This . . .

As someone who values their personal walk with God, you want your children to have their own walk and show Godly character on a daily basis.

Instead of overwhelm, take a step back to see what will really work to encourage Godly behavior in your children. You know it will take time, so trust God to give you the perseverance you need to stay consistent in your character training.

You’re here because you’re overwhelmed. You feel stressed out, with your kids’ attitude.

It’s hard to juggle it all with multiple kids.

So, you fly by the seat of your pants and feel frustrated.

Sound familiar?

What if you could wake up each morning, ready for a calm, peaceful day.

You have a plan you can use when problems arise, so you stop the stress.

You also know how to be consistent with each child and follow the Bible’s character qualities.

So let’s talk about How to Make this Happen

NO Overwhelm Necessary

The road to stopping overwhelm is simpler than you think. The key is to decide ahead of time how to handle a situation. I emailed you a sample of our Character Training Mini Charts to help you be consistent and use the Bible at the same time.

To help you even further, I’m offering a Homeschool Freedom Boptcamp: A 5-Day LIVE Experience to help you gain confidence to know you’re giving your kids the best education.

How to Build CONFIDENCE as a Homeschool Mom
with our . . . 

As you plan for the next school year and If there’s one thing I hear over and over again, it’s this:

I’m not sure if I’m doing enough for my kids.

Let’s fix that now!

As you plan for the next school year and buying new curricula … I want to help you gain confidence in your homeschool at our Homeschool Freedom Bootcamp.

When you sign up and come to the LIVE trainings, I’ll have something special, that is not included in the replays. Go ahead and sign up right here, right now.

Hi, I’m Kerry Beck, Your Homeschool Guide

I homeschooled our 3 kids for 10 years. All of them are grown up and on their own. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” So, you’ll hear about them in the class…the good, the bad, the ugly.

I’m so excited to share what worked in our homeschool and what didn’t work. I try to be an open book because raising kids can be hard. I made mistakes and want to help you avoid my mistakes.

That’s why I’m hosting our Homeschool Freedom Bootcamp for homeschoolers, like yourself.

But make no mistake, we started out exactly where you are today — with a desire and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other to make it happen.

Your quiz results are designed to give you a hearty dose of clarity and inspiration, all you have to do is follow-through. Don’t worry, I’m here to cheer you on.


PS. Remember to check your email for Character Building Mini Chart so you can add the secret sauce to your homeschool and stop the overwhelm.