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“Go Behind the Scenes”
4 Steps to Raising Christian Leaders in Your Homeschool

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STOP the Overwhelm in 2024 &
Follow a Proven Plan for Success in Your Homeschool.

  • Do you wonder if you’re doing enough?
  • Or, not sure you’re doing the right activities in your homeschool?
  • Do you wish you could look into the future and know for sure your kids will be okay with what you’re doing right now?
  • Or, you’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with the public schools?

When you follow a proven plan, you can get rid of everything that doesn’t matter. Since most kids will grow up to lead their families as moms & dads, they need leadership skills taught to them in homeschooling.

You’re lucky to be here, because Christian Leadership Education allows you a proven strategy to homeschool and give your children leader skills at the same time.

I invite you to come to our free masterclass on May 21 or 22.

In this Masterclass you’ll discover:

  • The Major Shift
    …that moms need to make to go beyond the conveyor belt of schools and give their children the ability to influence others for Jesus Christ.
  • The #1 Area to Build in Your Children Year-after-Year
    … that will carry them through life, giving them a foundation to influence others for Jesus and lead their family in the future….and where to start with YOUNG kids.
  • The Most Simple & Effective Way to Inspire a Love of Learning
    …that is so simple, it barely takes any thought or planning, yet super-effective in getting your children to enjoy learning.
  • The Single Most Effective Way to Develop Critical Thinking Skills
    …that can be used in any subject area to encourage your kids to think & make wise decisions.
  • Real Life Examples of Christian Leadership Education
    …that will inspire you and help you double-down on what strategy you need to use in 2024.

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Come to the Live Class = BONUS Gift

Just for showing up live you’ll get access to a FREE bonus so good it’s worth paying for — Teach Your Kids with “Easy to Use” Games.

Because games are the perfect way to encourage a love of learning, even for boys who could care less about school. They’ll learn because they “want to win”.

Can you relate?

I had to figure out teaching thinking skills and homeschooling with purpose of raising leaders on my own, but you don’t. I’ve got your back and I cannot wait to share this stuff with you.

You’re about to see Your Home & Homeschool Change in a BIG Way

Whether you’re overwhelmed trying to balance your home, homeschool and marriage OR struggling to know if you’re doing enough for your children, this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Much has changed in the past couple years, but the basics of Christian leadership education, raising your children to influence for Jesus remains the same.

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to make the ultimate shift in your homeschool, so you raise your children with God’s purpose and they grow up to impact the world for Jesus.

This Masterclass is a
Must Attend if …

  • Stay at Home Mom who is homeschooling multiple ages or an only child or, as you cook, clean, chauffeur and all the other tasks required of you. You’re following the school model & it isn’t working. You’re overwhelmed and need a new direction.
  • Working Mom trying to balance all your home & homeschool duties with work, whether you work at home or work outside the home. You’re looking for ways to manage your time and give your kids the best.
  • Christian Parent who wants Jesus to be the center of your family and your homeschool. But you’re stressed out, especially with your kids’ attitude.

A Personal Invitation from Kerry

I homeschooled my 3 kids for ten years. I discovered what works & doesn’t work. Having a Masters in Education & Curriculum didn’t help me educate my own children. Walking daily with God & using His purpose for homeschooling helped me survive homeschooling & build lifelong relationships with my 3 adult children.

I let you know the bumps and the celebrations. Whether it’s sharing my spiritual battles or tips & tricks that worked for me to encourage my kids to learn for a lifetime, my desire is to help you.

Wherever you are right now, I will share what worked AND what didn’t work. I don’t live in an ivory tower. I live in the real world, just like you.

I made a huge shift in our homeschool half way through our ten years. This fresh masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I learned as a homeschool mom, to raise my kids to glorify God, influence others for Jesus and walk in Godly character each & every day. Oh yeah…and teach my kids to “think critically & make wise decisions” in any subject area we were studying in our homeschool.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally hop off the conveyor belt (more on that in our masterclass) and make the necessary changes in your home & homeschool, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve & help you get their faster and more wisely.

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See you there,