Raising Leaders,
Not Followers

A Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education


In Raising Leaders, Not Followers, you will go from feeling scattered, overwhelmed and worried about doing enough or the wrong activities in your homeschool TO feeling focused and intentional with your kids’ education from Kindergarten to High School.

You’ll experience peace & confidence that you’re offering the best education possible as you raise them to be Christian leaders who impact and influence those around them.


RLNF is a good fit for you if you’re a …


  • Stay at Home Mom who is homeschooling an only child or multiple ages, as you cook, clean, chauffeur and all the other tasks required of you. You’re following the public school model & it isn’t working.
  • Working Mom trying to balance all your home duties with work, work at home or work outside the home. You’re looking for ways to manage your time and give your kids the best.
  • Christian Parent who wants Jesus to be the center of your family and your homeschool. But you’re overwhelmed, especially with your kids’ attitude.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to show you exactly how Raising Leaders will give you specific tools and a game plan to quit being overwhelmed and homeschool with purpose, with unprecedented support to raise each of your kids to impact the world and influence those around them. All to the glory of God.




Our first year of homeschooling didn’t go well because I was trying to keep up with the public school system. My younger son wanted to homeschool and my reaction was, “I did it for one year. I think, maybe, I could do it another year. It can’t get worse.” I wasn’t fully on board because our first year did not go well.


I started researching homeschooling and came across your course. It was a God thing. When I found you, I thought, “This is the lady I want to follow.” I learned from Kerry that education isn’t fully about academics. It’s about God and putting Him first as I fulfill God’s purpose for my life and my children’s lives. The more I saw of what Kerry taught, I thought, “YES! This is what I want to do. If I’m going to homeschool, this is what I want it to look like.”


Through Kerry’s leadership courses, I went from not wanting to homeschool again to having a model that actually works for my kids and me. She gave me the purpose, content and encouragement I needed to move forward with a homeschool that is effective.

Angie Bartos, homeschool mom of two

By the end of this program, you will know …

How to give your kids an elite leadership education when you didn’t receive one yourself.


How to change your mindset to feel confident that what you are doing is working.


Personalize your child’s character training to meet their individual strengths & weaknesses with 8 essential leadership character qualities


How to set up your day to give yourself freedom and feel sure you’re doing enough


Quit doing so many separate activities & discover how to combine your teaching and simplify your life as mom.


Use a proven system for your kids to present their opinions and thoughts in a persuasive manner


Use the one DAILY activity that will educate your kids for life. If you can’t get everything done, choose this activity every time.


How to use classic books instead of textbooks or prepared curriculum, even when you don’t have a college degree in English.


How to find freedom to cover topics that are important to your family. Hop off that Conveyor Belt


Use your kids’ interests to inspire their learning, even when they don’t like to read or do math


Develop communication skills for your future leader, so he can converse with people in all stages of life.


How to lead discussions, even when it’s just your family.

But Above All Else …

Raising Leaders, Not Followers will give you the confidence to homeshool your children, knowing you’re doing enough and doing the right activities to provide the BEST education for life.


Kerry has been my favorite vendor at convention because she always takes the time to discuss how she has implemented classical and leadership ed in her own home. Her comments are thoughtful and practical.


Kerry packs the e-book with tons of practical ideas for implementing a leadership education. . . Grab a highlighter or pen and begin to make specific notes of how you’ll raise leaders…not followers!

Diane L.

Thank you for taking the time to put together valuable training material on leadership education. I have been homeschooling 6 years and as far as I can see, there is little-to-nothing available in this area of education that has any practical application for homechooling parents to use in the mentoring of their children


I felt like a lone horse on a deserted trail. Everyone else that I know that home schools is on the conveyor belt to keep up with the public education counterpart. Thank you for being a “voice in the desert” that will give guidance to us “many lone horses” that are headed your way.

 Cherie, Homeschool Mom

I believe one of the most important lessons we teach our kids, alongside the “how to think” and the godly character, is being willing to do things differently–even from others who are doing things differently-to hear His voice and follow your specific calling/passion despite the possibility of failure or ridicule.


No true leader makes changes in his world without that willingness and courage. Your materials will enable many more to put feet to the raising of leaders.


Lynn F. (Parent)

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