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Overall, this is one of the best resources I’ve seen for parents who need lots of help to teach writing as well as a great tool for group classes.
~Cathy Duffy, author of 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

At last! A composition curriculum that meets the needs of both student and teacher!

Teachers love WriteShop! This flexible writing program is ideal for home schoolers, classrooms, or co-ops. So whether you teach at home or in a Christian school, offer a weekly class, or tutor privately, WriteShop I and II help seasoned teachers and insecure parents alike tackle junior high- and high school-level writing with confidence. You’ll love the detailed teacher lesson plans and step-by-step student instructions WriteShop offers.

WriteShop provides other helpful tools teachers and parents look for in a top-notch writing course. You’ll find all sorts of resources for teaching, editing, evaluating, and grading writing, including individualized checklists, evaluation forms, writing examples, and tips for objective grading.

With WriteShop, you’ll set your teens on a course for success. The lessons give them a chance to practice various kinds of writing, including creative writing, expository writing, and narrative writing. Assignments teach descriptive and informative paragraphs as well as first-and third-person narratives. The writing course also teaches students important techniques of style and self-editing. With each lesson, they learn and practice new skills, apply them to their current writing project, and edit and revise the composition several times. By the end of the lesson–after brainstorming, writing, editing, and revising–they’ll have a polished paper to be proud of!

WriteShop Student Sample from Fantastic Writing Program - See full review at HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

You have put together an outstanding product! I can’t thank you enough for your sacrificial efforts. I have been teaching my children at home for 14 years and have never found a writing program as well thought out and all inclusive as yours. My students appreciate it also.
~Lisa, Washington

Thank you very much for creating Write Shop! It has been a pleasure to teach this curriculum and the results are phenomenal. Our son went from hating writing to asking for more!
~Heily, California

What topics does WriteShop cover?
You can get a complete Scope & Sequence by clicking here.

How do you schedule WriteShop for 1 year? for 2 years?
I have a 1 and 2 year WriteShop Schedule for you right here.

This webpage is for WriteShop I & II

WriteShop gives you so much help that it is surprisingly easy to critique the student’s writing. Each lesson has specific instructions for the teacher as to what problems to look for and how to help the student correct them. My dd’s writing has become much more clear, interesting, and persuasive.
~Amy, Texas

Someone asked me what I didn’t like about the program, and I couldn’t think of anything.
~Lynée Ward, iCHED

The Teacher’s Manual goes hand-in-hand with the student workbooks. It contains daily lesson plans, schedules, tips for editing and grading, answer keys, and student writing samples. One Teacher’s Manual covers both WriteShop I and II.

With the Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II, you’ll confidently teach descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive writing. Lesson plans cover BOTH WriteShop I and WriteShop II, including discussion ideas, pre-writing activities, thorough explanations, and plenty of student samples. Teachers and homeschool parents alike will find many other helpful teacher resources in this idea-packed book.

The Teacher’s Manual helps ensure success of the program. Without it, the student workbooks lose much of their effectiveness. Only one-quarter of the TM contains lesson plans. The remainder of the handy, tab-divided binder is devoted to helping you learn to effectively edit and evaluate your students’ writing. One look at the Table of Contents will convince you that this meaty resource is no ordinary teacher’s guide!

I used WriteShop for two years with my oldest when she needed to seriously learn to write. I had felt so helpless and clueless, but Writeshop gave me just the right tools … She’s been accepted to two UCs and I think WriteShop made a big difference in her achievements.
~Ginger, homeschool parent

We just love WriteShop! Works like a dream.
~Yvonne, Idaho

The Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II includes:

  • Clearly outlined teacher lesson plans
  • Tips for editing, evaluating, and grading student compositions (including edited examples of actual student work)
  • Suggestions for addressing problem areas
  • Instructions for using student and teacher checklists
  • Reproducible, all-purpose checklists for editing student compositions and essays
  • Reproducible composition, essay, and report evaluation forms for grading future assignments
  • Answer keys to Skill Builders and pre-writing activities
  • Extensive appendix offering hundreds of ideas for lesson expansion, persuasive essay topics, creative fiction, projects, and writing across the curriculum
  • You will also receive an email containing a link to the digital download of a free handout:Getting Started with WriteShop.

Sample of WriteShop Teacher Manual - Terrific writing lessons. Full review from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

WriteShopo Teacher Manual sample - Full review on HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I and II

WriteShop I is not a stand-alone book. The Teacher’s Manual provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to teach both WriteShop I and WriteShop II. This critical resource contains many instructional activities needed for introducing or explaining key concepts. These materials are NOT always present in the student book.

I really enjoyed the broadness of the writing assignments… For one lesson I was prompted to describe a place and was allowed to describe any place I wanted. For another assignment I was asked to write a biography and given the choice of any historical figure that interested me. This freedom of subject matter allowed my creativity to flow. It also gave me the ability to take information that I was learning in other subjects and incorporate it into my writing.
~WriteShop student

My son is a very reluctant writer. He could not write a grammatically correct sentence. He barely had a handle on basic punctuation. Nouns, pronouns, and adjectives were foreign words to him. I did not have any idea on how to teach him how to write. After a bit of research, and a false start with another program, we started in on Write Shop I. While he is still not excited about writing, I see major progress!
~wolfski, HomeschoolReviews.com

WriteShop I offers incremental lessons, challenging assignments, and creative activities for teens.

Students improve descriptive, informative, and narrative writing skills by becoming proficient in four vital techniques: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising. Not only do students learn to narrow their topics and choose vivid, descriptive wording, they learn to add interest to their writing by varying their sentence structure. Each lesson’s Skill Builder introduces new writing tools, which students have the opportunity to apply during future lessons. This “Learn-Practice-Do” approach helps ensure mastery.

What the Experts are Saying about WriteShop?

WriteShop is an impressive curriculum that makes teaching a successful composition course feasible for parents of homeschoolers. As a parent who searched many years for a good writing curriculum, this is the best writing curriculum I’ve seen.
~Beverly Hernandez, Homeschool Guide at About.com

This curriculum is by far the most organized and easiest to follow of all the writing programs that I have used…with a layout that is clear and uncluttered. I highly recommend [it] for the busy mom who needs a boost in the writing department, the mom who thinks that she can’t teach writing, or anyone looking for an incremental, clear-cut program with specific goals and objectives.
~Debbie Dena, Home School Enrichment Magazine

I have been working with this program for over six months now and I am still finding treasures I hadn’t seen before…. [T]hey have created a very unique, adaptive, interesting writing program. I give [it] five stars, and would give more if I could! … I only wish I had discovered WriteShop earlier, when my older children were struggling with the process of writing.
~Heidi Shaw, Product Review Staff, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

WriteShop takes the guessing and the frustration out of teaching writing skills … Just like in learning a new math skill or learning to play an instrument, there is a way to learn, practice, and build on each step as you grow in your ability to express yourself more clearly … Kim and Debbie strip the mystery out of this skill and teach your technical writer, your research reporter, your story writer, your debater, and every other type of writer five easy steps to be a better writer: brainstorm, write a “sloppy copy,” revise it and write your first revision, hand in your work for parent editing, and write your final draft. Using a detailed checklist and specific models, WriteShop can turn the reticent and reluctant writer into an enthusiastic wielder of the pen.
~Deborah Deggs Cariker, Product Review Staff, Eclectic Homeschooling Online

FAQ about WriteShop I & II

Q: Should my student begin with WriteShop I or WriteShop II?
A: We generally recommend that all students in grades 6 to 10 begin with WriteShop I, unless they have a solid foundation in paragraph writing and have experience with descriptive, informative, and narrative writing. Even then, motivated and articulate older high schoolers often show dramatic improvement using WriteShop I.

Juniors and seniors should begin with WriteShop II, unless they need remediation.

Q: I would say that my junior higher already writes well. Can she start with WriteShop II?
A: Even if she “can” write, it doesn’t always mean she’s writing effectively. WriteShop I helps students refine their writing and pay better attention to content and grammar while teaching them some important elements of writing style. WriteShop I focuses on writing from observation and experience, with a few creative and expository assignments tossed in as well. Once your child is able to write more concretely and concisely, she can move seamlessly into WriteShop II.

Q: My high schooler already writes five-paragraph essays. Does he need WriteShop II?
A: WriteShop II teaches the basic 3- to 5-paragraph essay. If your older high schooler’s essays already display clarity and maturity of thought, great organization, wise use of sentence variation, and strong vocabulary, he may be beyond WriteShop II. On the other hand, if his essays are still weak and disjointed, lack supporting details, and contain dull or overly repeated vocabulary, he will likely benefit from WriteShop. If he is in 9th grade, WriteShop I may be the better fit. If he’s in 11th or 12th grade, choose WriteShop II. A 10th grader can go either way.

Q: My younger child is really advanced. Is it okay use WriteShop I with a 4th or 5th grader?
A: Although many of WriteShop I’s topics are appropriate for bright students in the 8- to 11-year- old range, they are not necessarily AGE-appropriate. Such children cannot and should not be expected to have the patience, experience, or thinking skills to apply all the WriteShop concepts to their compositions. In addition, they may not have the vocabulary to fully develop their writing. Finally, they will be overwhelmed by the demands of the detailed checklists. It’s better to put them in WriteShop Junior

Q: I’m not too comfortable with teaching or grading my child’s writing. Will WriteShop help?
A: Absolutely! The program was written with parents like you in mind. WriteShop’s lesson-specific, objective checklists and grading forms are among the most popular features of the program, as they eliminate much of the guesswork. Plus, the Teacher’s Manual is filled with examples, ideas, troubleshooting tips, and more so that you can teach, edit, and grade with confidence.

Q: Are there separate Teacher’s Manuals for WriteShop I and II?
A: No, WriteShop I and II share the same Teacher’s Manual. One purchase is sufficient.

Q: I’m not a “teacher’s manual” kind of parent. Can I get by with just the student workbook?
A: Since so much of WriteShop’s structure is embedded in the Teacher’s Manual, your student will miss many important benefits of the program without it. For one, it contains pre-writing activities that are not mentioned at all in the student books. These activities are an important part of introducing each writing lesson. In addition, the TM also contains lesson plans, guided writing, editing and grading tips, explanations, discussions, illustrations, analogies, and dialogue, each of which contributes to the student’s understanding of the lesson.

Q: How long does it take to complete one WriteShop book?
A: WriteShop I and II offer different schedules. Each lesson can take 1-4 weeks to complete. The average student in grades 7-10 completes one level per year, while the younger or more reluctant writer in grades 6-7 needs two years. Older high schoolers can even finish a book in a semester.

Q: How much time will we spend on WriteShop I or II each day?
A: Depending on each day’s activities and factors such as schedule choice, age, maturity, motivation, and attitude, plan to spend from five minutes to an hour or more per day. Most students finish one complete WriteShop lesson every two weeks (4-7 hours per lesson). With this flexible schedule, the average student works on WriteShop assignments six days out of ten.

Q: Does each student need his own WriteShop I book?
A: Ideally, yes. Although we give you permission to photocopy the consumable pages for your own children, you may not reproduce instruction sheets, word lists, or reference pages. This poses a problem for families with multiple students, since sharing a book doesn’t always work. If Student A needs the lesson instructions, then Student B has to wait till Student A is finished. If Student A is working on revisions and wants to refer to the Word Lists, but Student B is using the book, it can put Student A in a bind. Sharing a book seems to work best when students are not on a strict schedule and can work on their writing at different times of the day.

Q: Do we need the Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop I?
A: If you have copywork resources at your disposal, or you enjoy gathering or providing your own materials, you will not need this booklet. But if you appreciate the convenience of pre-selected passages, you might want to purchase it. The booklet contains sixteen carefully chosen literature selections offering examples of descriptive, informative, and narrative writing. Passages relate to and reinforce each WriteShop I assignment.

Q: What do I need to get started with Level 1?
A: If you one student, all you need is the Basic Set. It includes a teacher manual (for mom/teacher) and a student book (for one student).

If you have more than one student, you should buy a student book for each student.

Q: Do I need to get another Teacher Manual for Level 2?
A: No. The Teacher Manual covers all the lessons in Levels 1 and 2.

WriteShop 1 & 2; Check out why we love this writing curriculum at www.HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

“WriteShop I & II”

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