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The short answer.

Your “How to Think” ECourse is one of three courses in our Leadership Education Series. To get the complete series and discover how to raise your children to influence those around them, have an impact on the world, have the tools of learning, love learning … you should consider this special offer on our Leadership Education ECourse.

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But is our Leadership Education ECourse worth it?
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Christian Leadership Education Eclass

Let’s take a look at the longer answer.

Leadership Education teaches students how to think and prepares them to be leaders in their homes and communities, thus becoming entrepreneurs, church elders and statesmen.   This is the type of education that I want for my children and I would guess you want for your children.  It encourages thinking outside the box, which is difficult for a majority of Americans.

Throughout history, leaders have been mentored by tutors.  Often, they moved to prep schools where they study the classics by using the mentors approach.  It is the Mentoring system and independent studies that create leaders.  Unfortunately the leaders in America have been trained to be professionals and specialists – not leaders.

Most of our nation consists of followers who do not have a problem with the system at hand. If your children are to overcome this dilemma, you must give them a superior education that prepares them to be entrepreneurs and statesmen by the historically-proven methods for training leaders.

I am very excited about these books. I believe they offer so much more practical advice compared to other Leadership Education books

Rachelle G. (Contributor)

What Makes our Leadership Education ECourse
Different From Other Education Tools?

The major difference between Leadership Education ECourse and other Leadership Tools is the purpose to influence and a Christian, Biblical perspective I offer you. Every aspect of Leadership Education was taken to the grid of Scripture. And I have many followers who refuse to read other Leadership books because they do not have a Biblical worldview.

Some parents have told me they can’t find a Leadership Education book with Biblical guidance. Without a Biblical perspective, you do not have the overall picture or the proper perspective for raising your children to lead.

Discover How to Use a Biblical Worldview in Homeschooling
with our 12-Week Christian Leadership Education E-Class
and SAVE $119.85 at bottom of this page.

Why raise leaders? You want your children:

  1. To Influence those around us
  2. To have a Positive Impact on Society
  3. To Rule and Reign for Jesus Christ
  4. To Become Entrepreneurs that Change that Community for the Good
  5. To have the Freedom to Call Your Own Shots
  6. To Honor God

When your children lead wisely, they can conquer the world for Jesus Christ. This book points you to Biblical reasons for raising your children to lead well.

Another difference is other Leadership Education tools give you more philosophy than practical helps. Although the philosophy is imperative, you need someone to make it easy for you. That’s what I’ve done with “Hop Off the Conveyor Belt” because it is tips & tricks from real-life homeschoolers who implement leadership education.

Thank you for taking the time to put together valuable training material on leadership education. I have been homeschooling 6 years and as far as I can see, there is little-to-nothing available in this area of education that has any practical application for homechooling parents to use in the mentoring of their children.

I have been pursuing entrepreneurial training for each of my children and have felt like a lone horse on a deserted trail. Everyone else that I know that homeschools is on the conveyor belt to keep up with the public education counterpart. Thank you for being a “voice in the desert” that will give guidance to us “many lone horses” that are headed your way.

Cherie, Homeschool Mom

Over 90% of my customers told me . . .
I need help with Practical Ways to Implement Leadership Education
in my home..

In Leadership Education ECourse, I offer practical ways to implement tools of learning, love of learning, character building & critical thinking at all ages. You will find daily tips for each of these concepts.

What Secrets Will You Find in
our 12-Week Leadership Education ECourse?

Here are some secrets you will learn in the manuscript…

Love of Learning 6 Week Eclass
  • Over 15 strategies to develop a Love of Learning
  • 7 tools of learning your child can use all their life
  • How to boost your child’s ability to think
  • How to use classics to teach thinking skills
  • How to change your education paradigm
  • How to give your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime
  • How to start Leadership Education in your homeschool
  • How to use your philosophy & goals to improve your homeschool
  • Which character traits are foundational to leadership education
  • How to encourage humility in your children
  • How to develop a good work ethic in your family
  • What to do in Read Aloud Time with your family
  • How to use Math books to inspire Math study
  • How to help your child shift to independent study
  • How to have homeschool in the car
  • How to motivate your children to persevere
  • How to keep record of your child’s learning
  • What to do with a “Routine Day”
  • How to structure your time in your homeschool
  • How to use classic books to broaden your child’s perspective
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed
  • How to personalize your child’s education
  • How to choose classic books to read

I believe one of the most important lessons we teach our kids, alongside the “how to think” and the godly character, is being willing to do things differently–even from others who are doing things differently-to hear His voice and follow your specific calling/passion despite the possibility of failure or ridicule. No true leader makes changes in his world without that willingness and courage. Your materials will enable many more to put feet to the raising of leaders.

Lynn F (Parent)

Master the Tactics of Leadership Education So Your Child Can
Solve Problems by Thinking On His Own and
Have the Freedom to Call His Own Shots

It was once said…
We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.

Who made this comment about setting up our public education for “manual tasks”?

Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, told businessmen during World War 1 that he believed the purpose of public schools was to prepare students to follow and work menial tasks.

Are you shocked to find out the direction of public education was purposeful and strategic? If so, you need to make a change. Change your children’s education right now!

Public Schools train your children to perform tasks – tasks in a warehouse, tasks as an accountant, tasks as a doctor, tasks as a professor. Factory jobs come in all shapes & sizes. These jobs are task-oriented. These workers do what their boss tell them to do. Sounds like a conveyor belt to me.

You need to answer one question . . .
Do you want your children to be prepared merely for a factory job?
If not … scroll down to enroll in our 12-Week Christian Leadership Education E-Class
at a huge discount.

It’s really a shame how the public schools are herding their students through the system just to be a clone that will follow the pre-set plan for their lives-a worker that doesn’t think for themselves. And they aren’t even doing a good job at that, as we hear employers complain that graduates don’t even have the basic skills.

Your material is sorely needed for the homeschool community so that Biblically-grounded young adults can re-claim the culture for Christ. It would be nice if the public schools would listen to you too, but we’ll just have to dream about that one for now.

Best Regards, Brian {Homeschool Dad}

What will you receive in our 12-Week ECourse?

  • 12 Weekly Assignments via email ($47)
  • 3 ebooks
    • Raising Leaders, Not Followers ($16.95)
    • Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring ($13.95)
    • Hop Off the Conveyor Belt: Real Life Stories & Tips ($16.95)
  • 2 Study Guides
    • Raising Leaders, Not Followers ($10)
    • Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring ($10)
  • 3 Video workshops & transcript (digital)
    • 4 Steps to Raising Christian Leaders in Your Homeschool ($15)
      Kerry explains the pitfalls of the conveyor belt methods and the benefits of Leadership Education. She offers specific tips to get started, to build character in your children, to develop a love of learning in your family, how to help your children shift to independence and how to mentor with classics using the tools of learning for a lifetime.
    • Encourage a Love of Learning (digital) $15
    • Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring (digital)$15Discover clues to becoming a successful mentor to your children. Don’t be fooled by the conveyor-belt model! We all learn more when we are self-motivated to study. Use mentoring this year to encourage your own children to be self-motivated in their studies and learn how to think for themselves.
  • Christian Parenting Association 1 FREE month access ($9.97) *** SEE DETAILS BELOW
  • Classics Book List (Kids / Youth / Adult – Digital) $11
    Finding classics to read to your family has never been easier! Lists for ALL ages. If Mom is starting her education, she can find books that she will enjoy and move to ones that will stretch her thinking. If big sister wants to read to the toddlers, she can choose from the Pre-School List. When you are in the middle of independent studies, choose a book from the Youth List.
  • Help for Harried Homeschooler (digital) $11
    You asked for practical tips and this has LOTS! Sometimes it is easier to learn from charts, so I turned our Getting Started for Moms section into a chart. I also have some schedules to get started with your children, as well as daily schedules. Lists make it easy to find information quickly. There are lots of lists here – Lists of Questions, Lists of Responsibilities, Lists of Character Qualities, Lists of Daily Tips.

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Kerry packs the e-book with tons of practical ideas for implementing a leadership education. . . Grab a highlighter or pen and begin to make specific notes of how you’ll raise leaders…not followers!

Diane L.

Christian Parenting Association


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