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Are You Sure Your Kids Will Be Prepared for Life?

Can your kids think for themselves?
Can they use their thinking skills to influence the world?
How well can they discuss what they are learning?
How well can your kids make wise, Biblical decisions?
How well can your kids solve problems
… not just Math problems but real life problems?
Are your kids inspired to learn more?

If I’m honest, my kids struggled with some of the areas listed above (decision making, critical thinking, Biblical thinking, wanting to learn more). So, I started doing some research in the middle of our homeschool years. I discovered mentoring as an option to help my kids think for themselves and make wise decisions.

What I discovered was an education strategy that is very easy for homeschoolers (and Christian educators) to use.

It’s part of our Christian Leadership Series and called “Mentoring” with classic books.

In Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring, I outline how you as a homeschool mom (or educator) can use reading, writing & discussing to teach critical thinking skills, Biblical thinking skills, wise decision making and raise Godly leaders.

With the end goal of raising your kids to influence those around them and impact the world!

Your books are encouraging and informative. I am still reading and being challenged to make changes in my life and my children’s.

God Bless, Patti

I read through Kerry’s books in a few days, and found them full of practical direction. She gives some very good ideas for mentoring your children, complete with age level appropriate expectations. She also shares some hints for implementing this style if you have several children.

Holly, Reviewer

Some of you may be thinking that you already know how to homeschool successfully & mentor your kids how to think …. or that homeschooling is easy to figure out.

Well, the big picture is a small part of what makes a successful homeschool, breaking away from the norm of conveyor-belt education. It’s the day-to-day, small things you do each & every day that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!

And honestly, that’s where I excel.

I would love to help you prepare your own personal growth plan so that you can mentor kids into “thinking” young men or women of God who desires to follow the Lord with all their heart. Young men and women who can make wise decisions and not follow the frenzy.
I will show you simple, specific ideas you can implement this week – ideas to encourage critical thinking & decision making skills, as well as ways to encourage leadership in your own children.

The Mentoring strategy is one I used with my own kids. It’s said, “the proof is in the pudding.” My kids used the Mentoring strategy of Leadership Education.

Fast Forward 13 years: All three of our kids are walking with God, making wise decisions and leading others in their communities. Having a postive influence & impact on those around them.

What Secrets Will You Find in

Teach Your Child “How to Think” with Mentoring?

In this course, you can learn incredible strategies and tactics that I use to raise wise leaders through mentoring. Here are the secrets you will learn inside…

•How to discuss lectures

•How to use questions beyond your studies

•What to do when you feel overwhelmed

•What to expect of an independent student

•What to expect of a mentor

•How to lead a Socratic discussion with your children

•How to get the most from a classic book

•How to use your child’s interests to develop independent studies

•How to ask the best questions to stimulate thinking

•How to be a successful mentor to your children

•How to use classics to teach thinking skills

•How to find Internships

•How to use classic books to discuss human nature

•What to do about College

•What to do about Speed Reading

•How to use reading journals in your Socratic Discussions

•How to choose classic books to read

•How to integrate Scripture into your discussions

•Which literary elements to teach your students

•How to use projects to develop independence

•How to structure your time in your homeschool

•How to use classic books to broaden your child’s perspective

•How to start a reading journal

Teach Your Kids “How to Think” is a Mini-Course of the entire Christian Leadership Course. Sign up right now below.