St Patricks Day Activities: Lucky Charms Graph

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so why not have some fun in your homeschool activities with one of our most popular St Patricks Day Activities … our Lucky Charms Graph? This one is edible, just as fun as the recent Oreo Phases of the Moon homeschool activity.

I’m usually a non-sugar cereal girl, like Wheat Chex or Corn Chex.  But when I was a girl, I loved Lucky Charms.  Lucky Charms are still a temptation for me.  In fact, I had to put the box away when I was doing this activity.

Why Lucky Charms?

St Patrick’s Day activities means shamrocks & leprechauns.  Whether you believe the legends, it’s still fun to do some school activities.  Here’s one of my favorites.

St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph
St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph
St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph
St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph

You’ll need a box of Lucky Charms or a generic brand of that cereal.  Also, gather a measuring cup, paper plate, crayons and graph.   Measure the same amount of Lucky Charms for each student.  If you are working with fractions, I recommend using 1/2, 2/3, or 3/4 cup – nothing more than 1 cup of cereal.   Pour the Lucky Charms on a paper plate so it is easier to find the shapes.  You’ll have to decide if the students should include broken pieces.   Pick out the shapes in your cereal.  Place them above the shape on the bar graph.  For some reason, Lucky Charms has some extra white marshmallow shapes.  We used the white & yellow ones for stars since they look like a shooting star.  You may find actual stars, but we didn’t.   You might have different results than me.

St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph
St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph

Count the number of each shape on your bar graph.  Write that number below each bar.  We used a crayon that matched the color of the marshmallow.   Color each bar to indicate the number of shapes you found.  Use the same color as the marshmallow, if you like.

St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph

Use your Lucky Charms graph to answer questions on the St Patrick’s Day Activity Guide.    The Lucky Charms Graph is included in the RESOURCES SECTION of our St. Patrick’s Day FREE Activity Guide. (Leave your email below to get the guide)

Lucky Charms Graph Activity & St Patrick's Day Activity Guide

Our guide also includes St. Patrick’s Day Printables, as well as science, history, writing, geography, art & cooking activities.  You’ll also find excellent videos (3-5min) to watch as a family. 

To get your free copy of the guide, enter your first name and primary email below and we will email the guide to you. You’ll have lots more St Patricks Day activities for your homeschool. The GRAPH is linked in the resources at the end of the guide.

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You might like to read one of these books to learn more about St. Patrick.  We love both of these authors & highly recommend either of them for your family.
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 Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola (fantastic author) - Get the FREE St. Patricks Day Activity Guide from
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