Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear School Day Math

“Math Is Fun with
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear School Day Math”

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Hop, skip, and jump through a school day.

In this follow-up to Teddy Bear Counting and Teddy Bear Math, kids will be jumping, wriggling, and spinning as they practice their math skills. In Simon Says-like fashion children are asked to moo like cows, fly like planes and pat their heads while they count, add, sort, and subtract. The hands-on interaction makes math exciting for young learners and teachers will find this book perfect for use with bear counters or other classroom manipulatives.

Studies show that movement stimulates the brain and helps kids focus. With its bright, colorful illustrations and simple sing-song rhymes, this book will have little ones eager to go back to the beginning and do more math!

Math Concepts:
Math skills

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Teddy Bear, Teddy bear School Day Math”

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