Teddy Bear Patterns

“Math Is Fun with
Teddy Bear Patterns”

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The teddy bears are back—this time to teach readers all about patterns. Similar to the first three books in the McGrath Math series of concept books, Teddy Bear Patterns uses rhyming verse to explain the concepts illustrated by the colorful teddies. This simple text helps children to follow along as the teddy bears sort by color, and arrange into patterns of two colors, three colors, and so on. Readers will also discover how they can use patterns to skip count, add, and even multiply, before trying their hand at creating a pattern of their own.

Teddy Bear Patterns is a worthwhile addition to the classroom, especially those that already use bear counters or other manipulatives as learning tools. Back matter provides a summary of the concepts introduced in the book.

Math Concepts:

  • New mathematical vocabulary
  • Patterning
  • Skip counting by 2’s

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Teddy Bear Patterns”

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