Star of Bethlehem Family Study Guide

“Discover The
Star of Bethlehem As A Family”

Have you ever wished you could study about Christ’s star, especially during this time of year?

I sure have!

Every time I hear the Star of Bethlehem presentation, I am amazed at the details God has worked out to announce His Son in the story of the stars. The gospel message is so clear, if we spend some time studying what He has written in the skies.

For several years, I wanted my kids to read verses about the star and God’s view of stars for themselves. I finally took time and wrote a Bible guide for all of us to study. Not only will you learn about the Bethlehem star, but also many constellations.

Here’s what others have to say:

The study is heavy on questions for your family to answer as they search the truths about the skies and Christ’s star. I hope the questions will encourage discussion within your family. What a great way to learn … together!

We now have this study available for others to use. What I like about this study is that you can make as many copies from your computer, as long as it is for your own family’s use. It’s called an e-book! When you purchase this book, you will be sent a file that you can download on to your computer. When you are ready to use it, print out the copies and you are ready to study.

The Study is Called Star of Bethlehem Bible Study Ebook. Not only is there a fresh focus on God’s AWESOME communication with us throughout time, but you will learn more astronomy than YEARS of study in a text! Kerry takes you deeply into the Word of God to dig out what God has to say about stars, astronomy, astrology, and neatest of all, how God used STARS to tell about His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ!

I am hoping to use this great info that we are uncovering to make a cute lapbook (unless it grows into a whole BOOK!) as our final project at the end of our study. If you are like me and find yourself a bit intimidated when thinking of Astronomy Studies, this is the book for you! AND…if you are looking for a great Bible Study, don’t wait!
~~Cindy Rushton, Rushton Family Ministries ~~


I did decide to go ahead and purchase the Star of Bethlehem study and I found it quite interesting and helpful for the project I was working on. I thank you for sharing your work… Many blessings to you, your family, and your team.
~~Maria Taylor~~

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After you make your payment, our shopping cart will direct you to the PDF file and you can print all the copies you need for your own family.

I hope this will be an inspiring addition to your Christmas celebration this year.

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“Star of Bethlehem Guide”

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