Christmas Celebrations - Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
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Christmas Celebrations – Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Christmas Celebrations – Advent, Christmas & Epiphany


Christmas Celebrations:
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
by Kerry Beck 


I recently read that the White House no longer sends Christmas cards wishing recipients a “Merry Christmas”. They hope you have a “happy holiday season”, instead.

In Massachusetts, the mayor of Somerville apologized for calling the party a “Christmas party” and reminded everyone it was simply a holiday party.

And in my own home town, the Office Depot clerk remarked on her headset they could not wish customers “Merry Christmas”. She went on to say, she could wish them “Happy Hanukah, Holiday, Kwanzaa” or whatever else!

I could go on and on, but I won’t. When I look around me and see how empty and commercialized Christmas Celebrations have become, I realize I need to watch out for my own family Christmas celebrations. I may not be able to change the world, but I can add purpose & meaning to celebrating Christmas in my home. I can be sure to keep “Christ” in the center of my family’s Christmas, and so can you!

Did You Know That Many of our
Christmas Traditions have Christian Origins?

I didn’t know these origins until a few years ago when we started to read more about why we do what we do to celebrate . . .

Here are just a few:

  • The Yuletide Log comes from the missionary Boniface and his work of converting pagans to Christianity
  • St. Thomas Day (December 21) is a day of well-wishing and Christmas cards are a way of celebrating St Thomas Day
  • The history on the Christmas stocking

Advent is a glorious time to tie family bonds as you discover the Christian origins of Christmas symbols and traditions. I’ve included many Christmas Traditions and ways you can celebrate them as a family.

  • Christmas Traditions and their Christian Origin
  • Advent Devotional Calendar – Bible Reading Schedule
  • Family Traditions
  • Christmas Carols

The Epiphany section gives you the words to 12 Days of Christmas song, as well as special activities to do for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Wondering what I’m talking about?

The Twelve Days of Christmas are not before Christmas, but AFTER Christmas, concluding on January 6th. I think this section is worth the price of the book alone since most don’t even know what Epiphany is.

What will you find in Christmas Celebrations?

  • November Celebrations (p.6)
  • How to celebrate 5 special days in November (p.6)
  • How to Use Thanksgiving to Prepare for Advent (p.7-15)
  • History Lesson on Thankfulness (p.9)
  • Verses to Memorize on Thankfulness (p.10-11)
  • How your kids can become more thankful (p. 12-15)
  • Advent Celebration Ideas (p.16+)
  • Homeschool Tie-Ins (throughout)
  • Copywork Selections (throughout)
  • How to Celebrate Stir-Up Sunday (p.17)
  • How to Use an Advent Wreath (p.19-27)
  • Symbolism of Advent Wreaths (p.19)
  • Ideas for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays in Advent (p.20-27)
  • 6 Fun Advent Calendars for Your Family (p.21-23)
  • Meaning of Christmas Colors (p.25)
  • Significance of Mary’s Song in Luke 1 (p.26-27)
  • How to Integrate the Bible into Advent Calendars (p.28-31)
  • What is “Klopfelnachte” (p.32)
  • 7 Steps to Have a Stress-Free Christmas (p.44-46)
  • History of St. Thomas Day & Tie into Homeschool (p.47)
  • Edible Nativity Scene (p.62-63)
  • Christian story of St Nicholas (p.33-34)
  • How to Tie St. Nicholas into your Homeschool (p.34)
  • Story of St. Lucia’s Day (p.35-37)
  • Christmas Around the World Ideas for Homeschooling (p.37)
  • Missionary Story of Boniface & Yuletide Log (p. 38-39)
  • Christian Meaning of Christmas Symbols, such as Mistletoe and Holly & Ivy (p.40-41)
  • Surviving Christmas as a Homeschool Mom (p.42-44)
  • Christmas Movies to Watch with Homeschooling (p.48-49)
  • Books to Read during Advent & Christmas (p.50)
  • How to Use a Family Devotion Jar (p. 51)
  • How to Make a Memory Calendar (p.51)
  • What is Christmas? (p.52-54)
  • Christmas Tradition Ideas (p.54-56)
  • Words to Several Christmas Carols & Their Meanings
  • Meaning of “O Come All Ye Faithful” (p.59-60)
  • Homeschool Tie-Ins with Christmas Traditions
  • How Your Family can Incorporate Boxing Day (p.64)
  • History of King Wenceslas (p. 64)
  • Many Writing activities for your Christmas Homeschool (throughout)
  • Epiphany Celebration Ideas (p.76)
  • Ideas & Recipes for Epiphany Feast (p.77-80)
  • How to Celebrate 12 Days of Christmas & Homeschool Tie-Ins (p.65-71)
  • Christian Meaning of Each of the 12 Days of Christmas (p.65-71,75))
  • Lyrics to “Twelve Days of Christmas” (p.72-74)
  • Daily Bible Reading through Advent & Christmas (p.81)
  • Daily Epiphany Family Devotions (p.82)

Christmas Celebrationshelps YOU save time by not spending hours looking this up online. I’ve done all the work for you!

PLEASE NOTE: This is definitely a Politically Incorrect Book – All sorts of way to KEEP Christ as the Center of Christmas are included!

BONUS: Christmas Calendar

You’ll also receive a November – December – January calendar. It’s a quick reference chart so you remember all that’s included in Celebrating Christmas: Advent, Christmas, Epihany. What’s included?

  • Scripture Reading plan
  • Advent lighting
  • Special days in Advent
  • 12 Days of Christmas (& their Biblical meaning)
  • Reminders to prepare for special days


“Christmas Celebrations: Advent, Christmas, epiphany”

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