TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution II (1800-1865) Homeschool History Curriculum

“Teach Your Kids History from a Biblical Perspective with TruthQuest History…Age of Revolution II
(US/Europe, 1800-1865)”


Most history curriculums are not taught from a Biblical worldview.


Enter Truthquest History! Truthquest provides a homeschool history curriculum for parents looking to teach history as it relates to what God has been doing in the world over the centuries.

Why use TruthQuest History instead of other homeschool history curricula?

Biblical Perspective of history
Book Reading lists for ALL ages – Everyone studies together
Writing Assignments to encourage critical thinking
Sample Essay Responses
Activities throughout
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But my absolute, very favorite reason for using TruthQuest History 
(yes, I used TruthQuest with my own kids)

Discover the 2 Big Beliefs of each civilization and discover their worldview:

Who is God?
Who, then, is mankind?

We discussed these 2 questions throughout all our history studies. I learned as much as my kids.

Let me share more specifically about this guide:

It was during the 1800s that the river of humanism began to cut a many-streamed delta across the western world: mankind believed his “progress” placed him at the center of science, industry, philosophy, literature, etc., with the power to re-write life’s most basically-held truths.

But the fountain of spiritual renewal was also bubbling in a concern for missions, slavery, revival, and more.

News of the American Revolution had given many freedom-parched Europeans a desire for liberty. Their problems were very real, but they had to decide who had the answers: God, Karl Marx, or the sophisticated humanism swiftly consuming even the Christian church.

In all that, history was marching on: Napoleon’s conquests, the Industrial Revolution, the Romantic Movement in art, the rise of socialism, etc.

America was just a fledgling nation, facing the War of 1812 and then the fearsome Civil War/War Between the States. She never stopped growing though, as pioneers poured into the new Louisiana Purchase and down the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails.

Ideally for Grades 5-12, but younger siblings can participate. Includes book recommendations for all ages, where available.

Still need more info to make a wise decision?

TruthQuest History is a deep and rich literature-based history study…but with a difference. You will not learn the story of mankind; you will learn the lovestory of mankind.

You will not focus on the rise and fall of human civilizations; you will focus on the arrow-straight line of God’s unchanging existence, power, love, truth, and plan for civilization.

You will not simply ‘meet the culture’ or ‘get the facts;’ you will probe the truths of history so deeply that your students will be equipped to change their world!


Because mankind is not the prime force in the universe …God is.

He initiates; we respond.

History, therefore, is not first about what people do. It is first about what God does and says, and secondly about what people believe and do in response.

The exploration of history, then, should reveal God and His truth, not glorify the achievements of mankind.

Indeed, the kings, artists, philosophers, writers, and scientists cannot even be understood until seen for who they are – people motivated by basic beliefs about God, whether true or untrue. The consequences of their Big 2 Beliefs (Who is God, and who, then, is mankind?) are displayed in history…and teach us all.

Let us, then, not be found teaching humanistic history. Let us learn of civilization and its beliefs in a way that reveals and glorifies the God whose name is Truth. Your children will realize the only source of freedom is God’s laws, and the only source of human worth is God’s love for us. Once common knowledge, our society now thinks the opposite…and suffers for it.

You now understand the heartbeat of TruthQuest History: the lively commentaries which introduce each and every topic in our chronological guides, and which help the students unforgettably connect the people, events, and culture of a civilization to its Big 2 Beliefs. They will then have colorful, continuous, and convincing proof of the reality of God and the superiority of His truths.

Only after the deepest issues have been thusly addressed can the reading of engaging “living books” begin; otherwise even literature-based study will yield only unconnected, superficial, and human-oriented learning.

Let our commentary provide you with context and insight on each topic. Let the recommended reading list for each topic help you select resources.

Let our strategically-placed ThinkWrite™ exercises help your students internalize and express the deepest lessons of history.

Truthquest History: Age of Revolution 2 - Favorite history curriculum from!

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Whether you use a box curriculum, unit studies, living books, or a combination of several teaching methods, I propose adding TruthQuest History to your teaching library. You may ask, “Why would I want to include this book into my teaching library?” That is a good question. Saddle up for a ride through history where you read wonderful books, to your kids, and with your kids. TruthQuest History is more than a list of great books; it also includes helpful commentaries at the beginning of each section.
~Tammi Dearing, TOS Magazine

This is probably the single finest history resource available to the homeschooler… The guide is not full of hands-on projects or busy-work, but contains commentary that is written to the student… In my opinion, no matter what curriculum or resources you are using with your children, the TruthQuest History guides make a wonderful supplement for the parent. Would it be worth $20 and an evening or two of reading for you to get an overview of a time period, and have a deeper grasp of what your children could be learning and looking for as you work through your material? You will get a quick overview of time period, but more importantly, a deeper look at the principles and ideas that fueled the events. And TruthQuest History guides are so easy to read – like a friend chatting over coffee and donuts – that your introduction into philosophy will be virtually painless…”
~Karen Glass, Trivium Pursuit

Cathy Duffy chose TruthQuest History as a “Top Pick!”

“Michelle Miller introduces [each] topic with background information in a lively, informal, conversational style… A unique aspect of TruthQuest History is a primary focus on the central questions of life: Who is God, and who is man in relation to God? How different people and civilizations answer these questions is reflected in the way they live and the choices they make.”


Students learn how American and Europe begin to move into modern times through trial, revolution and pioneering, and the role God played in this important time period in history.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life.  You may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


I highly recommend this book.  With our money-back guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose.  Grab your copy of TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution II (US/Europe, 1800-1865) below. You’ll be glad you did.

“TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution II
(US/Europe, 1800-1865)”

YES! I want to make learning history fun, using TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution II (US/Europe, 1800-1865) for $29.95.
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I UNDERSTAND… that Truthquest History: Age of Revolution II (US/Europe, 1800-1865) comes with a 100%  money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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