Mystery of History, Volume 3

Mystery of History, Volume 3
(The Renaissance, Reformation & The Growth of Nations):
Audio CD Homeschooling Program
by: Linda Hobar

Listen and learn while driving, knitting, or just cuddling while the entire family unravels the mysteries of the ancient world

My children love this history program! They look forward to it every day, and are disappointed that we only do it three times a week. I like the fact that I can teach three different grade levels at once. I also love learning with them, combining world history with Bible history. In my head, they’ve been two different worlds! Thank you for providing such great curriculum for my children!
~Rachel G. from Kansas

Spanning the “The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations,” The Mystery of History Volume 3 covers master artists, explorers, reformers, and scientists famous to the era such as Michelangelo, Ferdinand Magellan, Jeanne d’Albret, and Isaac Newton. Around the world, this volume also looks at the history of Australia, China, India, Japan, and West Africa, while including heartfelt stories about Savonarola, Pocahontas, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, and much more. None are too young to be fascinated with world history. None are too old to appreciate God’s redemptive plan for mankind. Be it for class time, travel time, or bedtime–all ages can benefit from this educational listening library.

Volume 3 picks up where Volume 2 leaves off. It begins at 1455AD and goes through 1707AD. Watch history unfold around the world during that time period, and see how events fit together. You’ll meet rulers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and philosophers. History is presented in small, digestible pieces as you learn about the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, dynasties in India, native Australians, and the Tokugawa family in Japan. You will understand events in light of the times in which they happened. Best of all, the author shows the role of God throughout history.

I just bought the CDs and my kids colour as they listen. Easy to listen to, we’ll read and keeps them engaged. Love how the bible timeline is woven with other world events. Will definitely look at getting a timeline and maybe delving deeper after we finish listening all the way through. I just like exposing them to history without adding in another textbook or more writing.
~ Amazon Reviewer

Five stars is not enough for this product. As a Christian home schooling parent, I have been searching for a world history that teaches one true history. I wanted a curriculum that taught traditional world history along with biblical history. After trying several, I finally hit the jackpot with Mystery Of History. The presentation allows the reader to clearly see where biblical history falls in the timeline with traditional ancient history.
~Cherri J, Homeschool Mom