Mystery of History, Volume 1

Mystery of History, Volume 1
(Creation to the Resurrection):
Audio CD Homeschooling Program
by: Linda Hobar

Listen and learn while driving, knitting, or just cuddling while the entire family unravels the mysteries of the ancient world

My children love this history program! They look forward to it every day, and are disappointed that we only do it three times a week. I like the fact that I can teach three different grade levels at once. I also love learning with them, combining world history with Bible history. In my head, they’ve been two different worlds! Thank you for providing such great curriculum for my children!
~Rachel G. from Kansas

In Volume I of The Mystery of History, I cover world history from Creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Spanning the incredible stories of ancient times, ancient lands, and ancient peoples.

Where most ancient studies encompass only Egypt, Greece, and Rome, The Mystery of History goes much farther. In Volume I, I include chronologically based stories from all around the world. Beginning with the Garden of Eden, stories will spread from Sumer and Babel to Troy, Phoenicia, and Assyria. The study of early civilizations will include King Wu of China and Asoka of India as well as King David, Julius Caesar, and Xerxes of Persia. Even North America is visited in our look at ancient peoples.

Above all, a favorite feature of Volume I is the weaving of Bible history with world history. In reality, it is all world history. But for most of us, history has not been taught this way. It has not been integrated. In The Mystery of History, I have retold major stories from the Bible in the order that they happened alongside significant world history events and figures. As an example, each one of the Old Testament prophets are given a biographical lesson near their contemporaries in old world history.

More examples of interesting figures who lived just decades apart include: Joshua and King Tut; Ruth and Helen of Troy; Daniel and Aesop; Ezekiel and Buddha; and Nehemiah and Socrates. Imagine lining up such amazing figures on one master timeline! Imagine learning their stories back to back in the order they happened! For most of us, it’s an illuminating experience.

I just bought the CDs and my kids colour as they listen. Easy to listen to, we’ll read and keeps them engaged. Love how the bible timeline is woven with other world events. Will definitely look at getting a timeline and maybe delving deeper after we finish listening all the way through. I just like exposing them to history without adding in another textbook or more writing.
~ Amazon Reviewer

Five stars is not enough for this product. As a Christian home schooling parent, I have been searching for a world history that teaches one true history. I wanted a curriculum that taught traditional world history along with biblical history. After trying several, I finally hit the jackpot with Mystery Of History. The presentation allows the reader to clearly see where biblical history falls in the timeline with traditional ancient history.
~Cherri J, Homeschool Mom

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