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Teaching with Games – Character Corner

In honor of Top Picks and Character Corner, I’m offering a free copy of my Teaching Kids with “Easy to Use” Games.

If you struggle to encourage a love of learning, or even a like of learning, try teaching with games. Games are a great way to help your kids learn, especially boys who are highly competitive and want to win at any cost.

I know because my son would learn anything, if it meant he would win the game.

In this ebook, you’ll discover

  • Games you can make yourself
  • Games you can use with any & every topic
  • Games you can buy
  • Ways to make learning fun with games
Teaching Kids with Easy to Use Games

Are you looking for ways to inspire a love of learning while mentoring your children?

Kids don’t even know they are learning when they play a game.

Enter your name & email below & start encouraging a love of learning today!

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