Start School Right in 2014

I finally have a replay of Tuesday’s workshop to share with you. I’ve been producing webinars for 6-7 years & never had so many difficulties with a replay as I had this past week. I ended up re-recording it TWICE yesterday. Finally, the 2nd one was publishable.

I will leave this up for a week, so you can watch it when you have time. Click below to watch it for free, right now!

Start School Right in 2014 Replay

What about the Workshop Special?

In case you haven’t noticed, I left the order form the same since Tuesday. I didn’t think it was fair to increase the price by $5 every other day, until you could watch the replay.

So, here’s the new deal! (Ignore the dates on the video & use these)

Raising Leaders Not Followers | HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comRaising Leaders, Not Followers package will remain the low price of $37 until Sunday night (Sept 14). Remember the retail price of the package is $288.69.

You SAVE over 90%!

Then the price will increase by $5 every other day.

Monday, Sept 15 – $32
Wednesday, Sept 17 – $37
Friday, Sept 19 – Workshop Special ENDS
& Special Workshop Bonuses (retail $228.69)will expire

The Next Move Is Up To You!

A year from now, your children will surely have arrived. The question is…where?

Making the decision to be part of the Leadership Education can ensure that your children’s arrival will be a profitable one.

Grab your package today right here.

If you’re still not sure about investing in this package, read this.