Resources for Approaches to Christian Homeschooling


Since you invested in Approaches to Christian Homeschooling paperback, you might want these digital resources to help you plan your homeschool.

First, you might want the Whole Enchilada  – all the ebooks, online workshops and digital resources. Normally, this package is $37, but since you already invested in the paperback, you can grab all these digital resources for ONLY $  The ebook & resource guide have clickable links for all the resources mentioned for $24.97.  Take a look right here:

how do you figure out the right approach to homeschool your child - try Approaches to Homesschooling from

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling
{Complete Package}

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If you prefer individual resources, you can get them by clicking any of the links below.

approaches to Christian homeschooling - video workshops |
Approaches to Christian Homeschool Video Workshops – 8 workshops explaining each of the approaches  $10 each
Choose which workshop you want at the bottom of this page.
Or, get all 8 workshops, the ebook & resource guide for $37 by clicking here.