Charlotte Mason Tool Kit

If you need help just starting with a Charlotte Mason type homeschool, I highly recommend our Charlotte Mason Tool Kit.

Our tool kit has a ton of info for you to dive into right now!Charlotte Mason Tool Kit ... all you need to get started with Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling

Take a look at what will help you will receive.

  • How to Use Charlotte Mason in Your Homeschool
    Video Workshop (value $10)
  • How to Use Charlotte Mason in Your Homeschool
    Transcript  (value $10)
  • How to Get Started with Charlotte Mason ebook (value $15)
  • Top 10 Read Aloud Books (value $5)  4 lists of 10 books or more from mom and kids!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE to buy resources from my mentors and leaders, even things with the “step by step” process in it, but I NEVER assume that I’m going to need every step and it’s all going to just plop perfectly into my homeschool. No, I buy in order to see what I can apply to my homeschool, in my way.

That’s why, when you download our Charlotte Mason Tool Kit, you’ll find a Word document that is allows you to plan for YOUR family’s homeschool. You should make it your own! You should use what I have as a jumping point, a VERY experienced one if you have no idea where to start.

It will for sure give you experience, insight and guidance that you may not have right now and that will propel you forward but it’s NOT copy, paste, success. I NEVER want to give you that impression because it’s a fake dream and I don’t sell fake dreams.

What I DO sell is real experience, real help and real results. I never sell something I have no idea about. I give you what’s worked, not worked, etc, for me and I share it with you based on what I’ve done. I homeschooled my kids for 10 years and they are all grown up, following God. I think that makes it all very real and very usable.

Look at what you’ll discover:

  • 4 R’s of Successful Charlotte Mason Homeschool
  • Difference between Living Books & Twaddle
  • How to Use Shakespeare Every Year of Homeschooling
  • 4 Important Habits to Instill in your Kids
  • How to Use the “Charlotte Mason Motto” in your Homeschool
  • How to Use Copywork, Narration & Dictation
  • How Moms can be a Great Writing Teacher
  • How to Make Grammar Interesting
  • Ways to Teach Art History to the Very Young
  • How to Teach Classical Music so Your Kids can Remember Composers
  • Q & A from Real Homeschool Moms about Unit Study – Get your questions answered

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn! You’re going to be great at this 🙂
Start your Charlotte Mason journey, find your living books and get motivated!

Grab your Charlotte Mason Tool Kit right here:
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How much will it cost to get started with Charlotte Mason … you’ll receive $40 of resources at less than half price right now for only $19.

Seriously, I’m taking on all the risk!

Try this today. I can’t wait to hear about the impact it has on your homeschool. Remember the Charlotte Mason Tool Kit is only $19, saving 52.5%

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