Verse Cards for a Year


If you are one of our Christian Parenting members, you already received the four memory verse printables in the video. Each month, our members will receive verse card printables so their family could memorize a single passage, usually one verse for each week.

Sample of February 2019 verse card

In February, we are memorizing I Corinthians 13:4-8, so it’s an easy one verse a week. If you are not a member, but you’d like our monthly verse cards, you can grab them by clicking here. I try to center the verses on a theme. Those themes might be based on a holiday, a season, or kids in general.

Each month, you will receive four verse cards that you can print out for your own family members.  I recommend printing a copy of each one of your kids, as well as yourself. When you place your order now, you will receive any past verse cards for 2019.

For the entire year, all 12 months, it’s only $10. That’s less than $1 a month for cards. Save yourself time from trying to do this yourself and use our pre-made cards.

Click Here to get all 12 verse cards printables emailed each month of 2019.