Teaching Good Manners

Manners are not taught in a day or a night. They take time and repetition. In fact, they are a life skill that parents model. And, they take work. It is work, well worth it, if you persevere while your kids are at home.

When I picked up Hunter from a friend’s home, the mom told me that Hunter was the only one who thanked her for lunch. He also took his plate back.

How did that happen?

In our home, our kids heard us say thank you all the time, every day. So they copied our example, saying “thank you” for meals and taking their plates to the sink after a meal. It was part of our life at home, so it was part of them when they were away from home.

Our family was not as intentional as I had wished in teaching manners. As you can see from this story, we did model “please” and “thank you” every single day. I told my kids thank you for all sorts of things. As a result, they followed my example and said “thank you” to others.

Teaching Good Manners: Tips for Busy Moms

In one of our newer books, you’ll discover tips and tricks to model & teach good manners, as well as personal stories from our family. I also have some fun ways to teach manners so your kids actually learn and show manners.

Each section includes lists of manners … or the mannerly way to interact with others. Many sections include explanations or ways to talk to your kids about good manners. You’ll get helps with . . .

  • Introductions
  • Personal Manners
  • Conversation Manners
  • Cell Phone Manners
  • Table Manners
  • Thank You Notes

Get started today to help your kids show respect and kindness to others by the manners in their lives. Grab your copy today.