Biblical Money Management

Have you spent every last dime, trying to live a Rolls Royce lifestyle?

We live in a culture that wants everything … NOW! We compare ourselves to our friends on social media, thinking we need that lifestyle. But what does God have to say about money?

Kerry Beck looks to the Bible to determine the best view and approach towards managing your money, which includes debt and the all-consuming credit card debt.  Credit card debt  can put more stress on a family than any other problem. Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about paying off your credit card debt and mortgage each month?

Did you know . . . the Bible refers to the subject of money more than any other topic?

Biblical Money ManagementHow will you manage your money?

Where will your children learn these important lessons
about money management? 

Are you searching the Scriptures to see how God wants you to manage your money? Are you teaching your kids about money management before they find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt?   Discover how you can effectively manage your money and teach your children the Biblical view of finances and debt BEFORE it is too late!

Not only will Kerry discuss what the Bible has to say about money, she will give practical examples of how to manage your money when you live on a Honda paycheck.

  • Real life money management examples from her own family
  • Practical ways to help your kids manage their money, even as preschoolers and teens
  • Simple steps to get out of debt

In addition to your ebook valued at $15, I have a few bonuses just for you.

BONUSES … to help you teach your kids about money & finances.

  1. Teaching Kids about Biblical Finances Printable ($5)
    This handy printable has verse to get you started teaching your kids what the Bible says about money. Pull it out. Read a verse. Talk to your kids. It’s that simple!
  2. Teaching Your Kids about Biblical Finances Video Workshop ($10)
    Kerry walks through the Bible to discuss what God says about money. Along the way, she shares practical examples to teach kids about finances.

Biblical Money Management: What to Do with a Rolls Royce Lifestyle when You Live on a Honda Budget ($15)

Teaching Kids about Biblical Finances Printable ($5)
Teaching Your Kids about Biblical Finances Video Workshop ($10)

Total Value $30  Biblical Finances Bundle Price $19

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