Mini Character Charts FB Party

Thanks for your interest in our mini Character Chart.  For a limited time, you can get this chart for free.

Take the guess work out of child training. How do the charts work?

  1. Print as many of these charts as you need in your own family.
  2. Read each verse for the character quality
  3. Pray and decide what the reward or consequence will be at this time in your family.
  4. Write it under “What Happens”
  5. Change your consequence or reward as you see the need in your family.

These charts are super-flexible. I’m working on individual charts for each set of Blessing – Consequence so you can focus on one character trait at a time.

Why am I creating more charts for YOU? This past week, moms have said this to me about what is most difficult:

– Sometimes I am at a loss on how to handle a situation, so I let it slide to the the back burner….. I need definite consequences for every wrongdoing.

– It is hard to be consistent with my kids when I’m exhausted and don’t want drama, I will overlook something instead of doing the hard work.

– Consistent with kids. It is hard to consistently enforce the rules

– Definitely the kids. Their mood seems to impact my response so much

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