Remaining & Being Thankful in the Hard Times

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Writing this post couldn’t have come at a better time as my family and I are experiencing some pretty rough patches. I’m not saying that for sympathy, but more for the reality that we encounter times in life when it seems almost impossible to being thankful.

Being Thankful in the Hard Times - Get practical help

So, how do we remain thankful in the hard times? Here’s what I suggest…

Being Thankful: It Could Always Be Worse

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but the fact of the matter is – it could always be worse.

In this current season my family and I are having to find new housing. Our current landlord suggested that we do so because of the size of our growing family. Understandably, we took the advice as a warning.

I naturally became overwhelmed with emotions, especially being three months pregnant, homeschooling, and taking care of the other homefront needs… all while my husband stresses about finding another decent job on top of the one he has.

Even still, it could be worse. We could be without a home, completely homeless. We could be living out of our van, with no real shelter to protect us from the outside.

To remain thankful, remember it could always be worse.

Being Thankful: Even in the Bad, There is Good

This is also a tough one, but manages to lift even the toughest of situations. Continuing with using my personal obstacle, although we are pressed for finding different living arrangements, the fact that we still have our current home is a good thing. If I view it from the angle of what we are lacking, things seem worse than they really are.

If you’re anything like me, your mind may have a recording or two of limiting beliefs that help fuel seeing things from a negative perspective. However, focusing on the good in the midst of tough times can help altar our perception and help us not only see things as they really are but also from a position of hope.

To remain thankful, remember to focus on the good.

Being Thankful in the Hard Times - Get practical help

Being Thankful: Remember Who is in Control

As for me and my family, we choose to serve the Most High God, and with that comes a belief that not matter what, He is always in control. I won’t pretend to understand the why’s of life, but I do choose to believe that He does (and allows) everything to happen for a reason.

Truth be told, my faith is often shaken, and there are times that I question, “Why me?” But even then, I renew my mind, and remember that He is in control. Even in the toughest of situations, God has a way of showing His love and His guidance.

I once heard that He always provides where He guides. This may seem hard to trust at times, but it’s true. He is faithful to do what He says He will do, being not a man that He should lie. For these reasons alone, we can always remain thankful for God and His ability to see the end from the beginning.

To remain thankful, remember Who is in control.

If you are facing hard times, I would like to encourage you to stay strong, endure, and persevere… being thankful. I created a journal prompt page for you to write about what you’re going through and find Scripture to claim over your hardship.

While you’re writing and meditating keep in mind that it could always be worse, there is good in the bad, and remember Who is in control! Access your Remain Thankful Journal Page FREEBIE by entering your name & email below!

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Michelle Huddleston is a wife, homeschooling mom, and down-to-earth gal who likes to help others homeschool with grace and ease. She doesn’t claim to have it all together, but what she does have is passion and desire to see other thrive. Connect with Michelle through her blog With the Huddlestons, on Facebook, and Instagram. She’s eager to meet you!

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  1. My mantra when stuff gets really hard is why not me? God doesn’t usually answer us when we ask why we suffer but he suffered and died so we could be rescued from a far worse kind of suffering so he understands our suffering.

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