Reformation Day Activities

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Make history come alive with these Reformation Day activities. On Halloween, October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the church door and the Reformation came alive.

After telling you a quick story about Martin Luther, Kerry shares some simple activities to help your kids love learning. In the comments, you’ll also find resources she mentions on the video.

I completely forgot to share where we get the name Protestants from. Quickly . . . those that protested the Roman Catholic Church were called the Protestant (protesting) Church. Those that followed tradition were called the Roman Catholic Church.

If you’re looking for resources to get started with your study of the Reformation or hosting a Reformation Party, my first recommendation is the Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study, with many Reformation Day activities.

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reformation day activities

Reading books mentioned:

Mary, Bloody Mary (Queen Mary & English Reformation) Middle School

The Royal Diaries: Elizabeth I

Art Books:

You’ll discover some great artists during the Reformation Period. Check out each of these and many more, to make art and history come alive to your kids.

Michelangelo, by Raboff

Raphael, by Raboff

Science Books:

Did you know many great scientific discoveries were made during the Reformation times (or late Medieval times)? Your kids will love learning about Science and History at the same time with these great books.

Movies about Reformation

Martin Luther: I like the older version because it doesn’t paint either Martin Luther or the Catholic church as either a saint or a villain. You can see the corruption that all churches can sink to if they become self centered and self reliant.

God’s Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale was a family favorite we all enjoyed.

Question: Have you ever celebrated Reformation Day? If so, what activities did you do? Please leave a comment by clicking here.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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