Raising Leaders, Not Followers {Blog Candy Contest}

how to homeschool my childNext week I’m hosting a free online workshop (more details to follow).  To celebrate the start of a new school year, I’m giving away my homeschool package at the workshop.

It’s called Raising Leaders, Not Followers and includes 3 books:

  1. Raising Leaders, Not Followers
  2. Teach Your Child “How to Think” with Mentoring
  3. Hop Off the Conveyor Belt: Tips & Stories

how to homeschool my childIf you’d like to enter to win, just use the contest form below.  Leave a comment about one of my recent posts that meant something to you…or leave a topic you would like discussed on my blog this school year.

I’ll announce the winner of each book at the workshop – Tuesday, September 18 – 9pm EDT.  Register your seat now while there is still room.  Click here to register.

How to Homeschool My Child

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  1. Though not a recent post, the sprouting seeds activity was inspiring this week. It’s not spring (!) ,but my son is fascinated with watching seeds sprout and had asked recently when we could do the “bean and cotton” experiment again. I liked the baggies hanging from the window, so we have 5 baggies (one for each child) of various beans and seeds attached to the window right now.

    1. Abi,
      When I taught school, we had 20 baggies on the windows. Some did better than others. It still fascinates me how life comes from a seed. Ask my kids…I’m also fascinated when the leaves bud on trees each spring

  2. Thank you for the contest. I would love to see more information on breaking bad habits such as spending too much time on the computer looking at all the good stuff that is available. The time ticks away too fast.

    1. What a good idea. I’ve been thinking & praying about a time management workshop. You’ve given me the idea of sharing ideas for kids & parents.

    1. Judi,
      I wish I could claim all the activities as my own, but I can’t. However, I can put my own twist on ones I find. Glad they are helpful.

  3. A subject to consider when raising to teach children to be leaders is to take others feeling into consideration and to think about other peoples abilities and disabilities.

  4. I have always been impressed that you respond to so many of the comments, especially when said person seems to need a word of encouragement or two. Your thoughtfulness when you reply to comments has been a blessing to me since I started reading your blog. Thank you!

  5. I’m a new subscriber, so I haven’t known you long, but what drew me to you is how organized you are! And your blog has just about everything I need or am interested in!

    1. Melinda,
      I’m glad you found my site. I don’t know how organized I really am, but I can share things that work. Let me know if there is something you are interested in, but don’t find. I’m also working on getting a search bar for my site so it’s easier to find stuff.

  6. I would love to know what to do with a child who does all his work in 2 hours one day, but fights and argues and takes 8 hours the next!

  7. I just found your website through Preschoolers and Peace. I am very excited to listen to your workshop to learn how to raise leaders our of my four boys especially since I am already observing some follower behavior.

    1. Elizabeth,
      I’m so glad you found us through Preschoolers & Peace. Kendra is awesome. I’ve loved working with her.
      I completely understand about follower behavior. I only have 1 son, but he was a follower as a youngster. Then, he grew into a servant-leader. God is awesome as he grows up our kids.

  8. Hello! I’m new to your blog and am very excited to listen in on the webinar! I have a 4yr old that I just started doing preschool with. I need help/ideas in getting my son excited about learning. Thanks!

    1. Beth,
      That seems to be a common thread…getting our kids excited about learning. I hope I can share some ideas we used when our kids were that age.

    1. Cinnamon,
      That’s one of my goals – to give you ideas you can implement immediately. let me know if you have any questions afterwards.

    1. Andi,
      First webinar! Wow! You’ll love it. We’ve been doing these online workshops for about 5 years. I love them. Let me know if you have any questions after the workshop.

    1. Monica,
      Congrats on homeschooling. This workshop will give you some simple ideas to implement immediately. Hope you make it to the workshop

    1. I hope you get some good ideas for your kids. I think it is so important to raise our kids to lead. Wait until you hear the intro quote on the workshop. It’s jaw-dropping

    1. Marcee,
      Wow! A fellow sports fan. Glad you liked the football post. I have a slew of them at Super Bowl time. I’ll also share some World Series ideas 🙂 shortly

  9. I just found your blog and am looking forward to browsing around! Do you have any top posts that you would recommend? Maybe that would be a good post to do a few times a year – or have it on the side bar.

    Looking forward to the contests and reading more on the site:)

    1. Angela,
      What a great idea. I need to find a “top Post” plug in. Hopefully that will be on our site by next week. Thanks for the suggestion

    1. Michelle,
      Boys are so interesting to homeschool…and it is so worth it to homeschool them…give them what public schools aren’t giving them

  10. Hi, I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys. I am new to homeschooling and am just gathering ideas and tips at this stage. My two older boys are still in the public school system and I am very unsatisfied. I am afraid that I will not know how to “teach” them properly, I am afraid because I do not know if I am diciplined enough for all of us or if my boys will be diciplined enough to sit with each other and myself day after day to do the work. I do not know where to even start with my two older boys two grade years apart and a toddler at home. I saw your webinar and signed up. Thank you so much for offering this.

    1. Christa,
      Thank you for your honesty. I hope you can join our workshop tomorrow night. I want to share some ideas to encourage you to “go for it”. All moms feel like they are not adequate enough to teach but you are the “expert” on your kids. If I don’t cover what you are wondering, please email me. I’d love to share anything I know to encourage you!

    1. Eunice,
      Thanks…I love this topic. It’s a passion of mine b/c I think it’s one way we can influence the world for Jesus Christ.

    1. Erin,
      So glad you found us. I’m looking forward to the webinar, too. I’m excited to see these comments as I put the finishing touches on the workshop

    1. Denise,
      This is such an important topic. My kids said they weren’t as interested in learning while we were homeschooling, but now they have a strong love of learning…and desire to continual learning. Something must have stuck 🙂

    1. Nicole,
      Time management is so important. I’ve been thinking about doing a 3 hour workshop on a Saturday about this very topic. I’m still trying to decide about the right time to do that.

  11. I am looking forward to this webinar. I homeschool so I can have the opportunity to teach them such things. I want them to question things and come up with their own opinions and not be shown all the same things as can happen in school. Thank you.

    1. April,
      You are right on track..It is so important to have our kids question ideas & concepts. I’ll share some ideas to help encourage questioning.

  12. I like the idea on how to keep my kids motivated. My oldest daughter is not great at keeping moving. She wastes a lot of time complaining or just putting off subjects she doesn’t like.

    1. April,
      I remember the days of complaining…or waiting until Dad got home so he could lay down the law. I’ll try to share some motivation ideas or at least list some on the blog next week.

  13. I’m really new to homeschooling and I’m getting my way through your blog – such a resource!! I’m really struggling with trying to figure out where my son is on things like reading and what curriculum to have him use… he is 5 and just amazes me at how well he reads – do I bore him with beginning stuff, or challenge him which could turn him off given he is so young… thanks!

    1. Rebecca,
      Great questions…If I don’t address these on the workshop, I’ll try to do so on my blog next week. Congrats on homeschooling

  14. I have just discovered your blog via Kendra at P&P. I have signed up for the workshop tomorrow night and I am very excited to hear the talk! Thanks!

    1. Brandi,
      I’m so glad you are here. Kendra is great and has a wonderful blog with P&P. I look forward to tomorrow’s workshop.

  15. I am a newbie homeschooler this year with a Kindergartener. Thank you for your Teaching Tips #1 and #2. Ready to read #3 and #4. I really want our daughter (and son) to be leaders with Godly character and ethics. Seems like a tall order many days, but I know just having them at home makes that order doable 🙂

    1. Leah,
      Thanks for your comment. Remember…one day at a time and you will do great. Go will honor your dedication to Him & your daughter 🙂

  16. Hi, Blessings over you and your household for sharing your homeschooling experience. I’m new to your website and can’t wait to glean much homeschool wisdom and ideas from you. However, I don’t just want to be a sponge and would love to offer to encourage moms by posting my poetry (or poetry devotional) on here in some way. Would do ya think? First one is below:

    Mysteries that Seasons Send

    ©1999, 2012 Michele Vidor Krile

    What will become of Summer’s end?
    Oh, the mysteries that season send!

    Can Wisdom follow the Autumn change,
    Then without fear, in your heart remain?

    Though in the chill of Winter you may wonder
    Still, dreariness can be put asunder

    God will surely meet you where you are
    As you entrust to Him each season of your heart

    Each day Jesus walks with us, as Savior, as friend
    He gives you strength so you may live as He intends

    The Holy Spirit intercedes for you in ways you cannot
    As you seek discernment, He guides you in the will of God

    As we wait upon the Lord, Who births Spring anew
    At last, His Hope and Joy can truly bloom inside of you!

    Ah, those moments and prayers around the bend
    Shed light on the mysteries that seasons send!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Job 11:7 “Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?”

    Eph 1:9 And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ

    Prov. 4:11, Philippians 4:6-7, 12-13, Romans 8:26-27

  17. Kerry;
    One subject I would be very interested in is the different approaches to help boys develop a love for the writing process… My son is an avid reader, very advance for his age, but writing is an uphill battle…

  18. We are “suddenly homeschooling” this year after seeing very quickly that a traditional, sit-still-and-do-your-worksheet classroom wasn’t a good fit for our bright, active son. That said, everything you’ve posted has been helpful! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the webinar tonight!

    1. Jana,
      I’m glad you will be joining us tonight. We had to do one of those “suddenly homeschooling” transitions when my daughter was in 3rd grade.

  19. I am looking forward to reading your blog and the workshop. We just started homeschooling a couple of weeks ago and I am feeling overwhelmed and worried that my kids are not getting the “right” or “enough” of an education as we are still working the kinks and schedule out. It’s a lot to manage but I know that we will figure it out eventually!

  20. I would like to see blog posts about homeschooling kids over a wide age range- how to still have unity, how to meet everyone’s needs. This is my biggest struggle right now.

    1. Kristen,
      I love crafts and will try to share some of our activities on a more regular basis. Thanks for the reminder

    1. Amy,
      Yelling??? You mean some moms yell??? LOL! Isn’t that the truth. I’ll try to offer a few suggestions over the nxt few weeks

  21. I am very excited about this workshop. I’ve homeschooled for 4 years and it is always evoling. I am always interested in new ways. Can’t wait for the webinar.

    1. Janice,
      I feel like I’m always learning & evolving. I definitely had an eclectic homeschool which was always evolving

  22. Family dinner – such a precious time.
    I truly believe this country, even the world would see a profound, miraculous change if family dinners were honored. Even just once a week would show fruit, multiple dinners together a week would change the world!
    I’m so thankful to know of others who cherish this time together. I know as we encourage others to take this special time together (what better way then on your blog, with it’s ability to reach so many), it will have lasting consequences for good on mankind. May it be a ripple effect that touches many!

    1. Becca,
      You hit a topic near & dear to my heart. Sometimes I am amazed how many people do not eat dinner together. You are so right – once a week would make a huge difference!

  23. I am interested in time management for myself and my children (9 total, 6 still at home). As missionaries for nearly 20 years overseas, our activities centered around the home, and shopping was once a month in the capital city and sending a daughter or helper to the weekly market.

    Here our time is divided with individual activities, as well as weekly group sports with other homeschoolers. I want my kids connected since we will live here now, but how do I get it all done, with a clean, ready for guests home, and my husband wants me to start a blog….??

    1. Chris,
      Another topic on my heart…busyness with so many activities. I will try to address these ideas over the next few weeks. Thanks for the reminder

  24. Kerry,

    We are a new homeschooling family. Our son is in kindergarten this year. I have found many wonderful ideas on your site. I recently saw a post where you told about your family devotions and shared several of your favorite devotional books. I ordered “Our 24 Family Ways.” It looks amazing. We can’t wait to get started! Thank you for all you do to make our jobs a little easier by offering us such great ideas and suggestions.
    As far as what I need to learn more about…that would be time management. It seems there is so much to be done each day.
    I am looking forward to the webinar tonight!

  25. I am pretty new to homeschooling and would love to know how moms in the homeschooling world do not go crazy. I feel that I must teach everything that is in the books and that I must find activities for each topic I teach my son. I also second guess myself and wonder at times if I am doing the right thing and if my son is learning anything with me. Think I’m just scared.

  26. I am new to your blog, but I would love to discuss/read about transitioning from public school to home school. Can’t wait for tonight!

    1. Hillary,
      I think you will be encouraged in moving from public school to homeschool. You might even be surprised at some of the ideas we don’t realize are in the public school.

  27. I would love to hear tips on time management as well. I bought our kids their own alarm clock so we are starting our homeschool a bit earlier than last year, and that really seems to help. I’ve decided not to answer the phone while we’re schooling (or at least screen calls if I’m expecting an important call). I’d love to hear how others manage their time to make the most of it during their school days.

  28. I really just need a kick in the pants for myself to forget “doing it right” – which makes me freeze up & do nothing – & just go for it & enjoy learning w my kids!

    1. Alyssa,
      Learning with your kids is awesome! You will do a great job. Don’t freeze up…find something fun to do and enjoy learning. I hope my ideas will encourage you

  29. These books look great! I am always on the look out to find helpful things to help me better prepare my kids for their future. Thanks for the giveaway. Looking forward to the seminar tonight too!

  30. I really enjoy all your post and topics on homeschooling, however my daughter is in 9th grd this year. I want to homeschool but have no clue where to begin. If you could give me beginner pointers I would be very grateful. Thank u much.

    1. Mary,
      Congrats on considering homeschooling. WOW! That’s an open-ended question. I”m going to write a post for it on Friday. How does that sound?

  31. I would like to discuss the learning of history and what our children really need to know. It seems to me that too much time is spent on learning the history and culture of the world and not enough time is spent on American history. This is causing a great problem in our society. Thoughts.

    1. Very interesting. When I taught school and my kids were in a private school, all they taught was American history. Sometimes we over-correct by neglecting American history. Definitely need a balance. I’ll be with some history buffs in the homeschool market at the end of the month. I’ll try to line up someone to speak on this subject

  32. I second the many comments requesting advice on time management/being a good steward of our time, and how to teach these skills to our children. Thanks you so very much for sharing your advice and tips with us!

    1. Appreciate your input. I was just writing about stewardship, but more in regards to being stewards of the kids that God gave us. My post will be next week, but I’ll start working on a new slant – stewards of our time.

  33. one of my favorite post of yours is the one on how to keep track of the kids reading. Stacking them in a corner is an amazing idea. However living in a tiny apartment it was not possible, so your link to shelfari was much appreciated. Thank you so much for this great giveaway. I love your website.

  34. I am a very new subscriber and have not had the time to look at many post, but I’m thrilled to be attending your online workshop tonight! Thank you. We live out in Colorado and the closest homeschool expos are 7 hours away nd there are not many homeschoolers out here, so to get the chance to come to a free homeschool workshop is a real treat. Thank you so much

    1. Leann,
      I hope you made it to the workshop. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. My hope is to help & encourage…sharing my mistakes so you don’t make them 🙂

      We were in Colorado the first week of January. We always enjoy our visits there.

  35. I just realized you had a blog, so I’m very excited to read it (especially after reading some of the comments!). I have 3 older boys (20, 17…18 in 2 mos. and 15 1/2). I also have 2 younger boys (8 and almost 6) and a daughter (3 next month) and I feel like I messed up with my older boys and want to do it right with my younger kids, so am looking forward to your raising leaders information. Thank you for putting this out there! Glad I found you!

    1. Jodi,
      I’m glad you found us, too. Wow! You have quite a spread. I hope you were able to join our workshop. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      BTW…we always feel like we didn’t do it right. Just keep trusting God to guide you with all your boys.

  36. I’m new to your site. Been sneaking peeks here and there when I can. I think that one thing that needs to be addressed is when other homeschool moms start to make a judgment about how you are homeschooling. It just sets me teeth on edge.

  37. HI,
    Love the information you have here. I would also like to hear you address the subject of learning good habits. I think this is a key ingredient in a successful home. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Tanya,
      You are so right. I probably lump those into character development and will talk about that Tuesday night. Hope you can join us for the workshop.

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