Question of the Day — Structure in Your Homeschooling

How important is structure, such as doing the same schedule ( Math 1st, English 2nd, etc.) everyday?

How to Homeschool My Child schedule-clockI think a schedule is good for kids, but there can be time for flexibility too.

For instance, I read every morning to my kids. It was our family time where we discussed whatever I thought needed discussing (poetry, current events, history) and then read aloud from a classic book. The rest of the morning was spent on math, language arts. We also did history & science.

Structure also depends on your kids ages. If they are in elementary school, I wouldn’t worry about doing science every day…make it something fun you could do in the afternoon by doing experiments or watching science videos.

I used our read aloud time for history. I had them read real books that were set during the history time period we were studying. That way they were practicing reading & learning history at the same time. I also had their writing assignments about history or reading or science – something we were already studying.

How to Homeschool My Child

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