Episode 88: How to Homeschool in the Midst of Trials

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Lisa Garrison is walking through some tough trials and still finds joy & peace in the moment. None of us want our children to suffer, but Lisa is in the middle of that mess right now. Whatever your trial and suffering is, our chat should encourage you in the Lord.

In this episode you’ll discover:

✅ How to give your kids a well-rounded education, when life is chaos
✅ How to find a routine that works for you, when everyday looks different
✅ How siblings grow in character, as you navigate difficult times
✅ The #1 tool to survive suffering and find peace, joy, hope & victory

Resources Mentioned
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Lisa Garrison is a devoted wife and mom of four boys. Along with her husband Jon, she co-founded Vibrant Home Life, dedicated to strengthening Christian families’ faith foundations. Lisa and Jon also own God’s Given Grace, offering support to families raising children with special medical needs through sharing their own inspiring journey.

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