Episode 83: Joy at Easter when Jesus is With You

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Preparing your heart for Easter is often overlooked until the week of Easter. As we continue to look at the names of Jesus, how are you modeling “heart preparation” for your kids?

Today, we look at the name, Immanuel, which is often used at Christmas time. Let’s see how the name Immanuel can bring joy to your life, even in the midst of trials.

This is part of our Names for Jesus, 4-week series. Let’s start with the name, Jesus.

In this episode you’ll discover:

✅ Meaning of Immanuel, as it relates to you
✅ How Immanuel can bring joy in the middle of the mess
✅ How joy in Jesus leads to strength in trials

Resources Mentioned
Easter Bible Reading Plan 
Easter Activities: Keep Christ in Easter 
Easter Skies of the Cross Bundle 

Blog Posts:
Joy & Hope at Easter

The Wonder of His Name, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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