Episode 82: Preparing Your Heart for Easter with Names of Jesus

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Hey Moms! You are an example for your kids. How’s your heart as you prepare to celebrate Easter, to celebrate Resurrection Day? How do you walk with God as we prepare to celebrate Easter? How are you “modeling” your heart at Easter … for your kids?

One way to use these weeks leading up to Easter is to focus on Jesus. That’s why I’m looking at some names for Jesus during this 4-week series. Let’s start with the name, Jesus.

In this episode you’ll discover:

✅ What the name Jesus means
✅ How to the names of Jesus for your own heart and your kids’ hearts
✅ How to get awe and wonder back into your life

Resources Mentioned
How to Prepare Your Family for a Christlike Easter Celebration
Easter Bible Reading Plan 
Easter Activities: Keep Christ in Easter 
Easter Skies of the Cross Bundle
The Wonder of His Name, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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