Episode 80: 5 Simple Tips to Inspire a Love of Learning in March

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Some kids love learning. Others not so much. Often depended on what the topic was.

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, so let’s look at how you can inspire a love for learning in March. Let’s talk about fun activities in

✅ History
✅ Writing
✅ Bible
✅ Notebooking
✅ Math & Graphing
✅ Science and more.

Resources Mentioned

Lucky Charms Graphing

Use free notebooking pages about St Patrick

3 Weeks Free Writing Lessons

Saint Patrick: Pioneer Missionary to Ireland

Irish Stew 

Irish Soda Bread 

Teaching Kids with “Easy to Use” Games


Who was St Patrick?
Write a paragraph about what you discover – free Writing Lessons
Find the St Patrick’s Breastplate hymn he wrote. Sing it. Use for copywork
Use free notebooking pages about St Patrick

Lucky Charms Graphing

Math pages
Study rainbows (ending at the pot of gold) – Make a fruit rainbow with different colors of fruit.

More Freebies: Friday Freebies

Bonus: Teaching Kids with “Easy to Use” Games

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