Episode 78: How to Have Independent Learning in Your Homeschool

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One question I get asked often is this, “How do you get your kids to learn independently? How do I teach them to do their homeschool on their own?” You want them to grow up to lead and not follow the crowd. . . to not be dependent on someone else in college, in their job, in their family. 

Amber Smith has ten kids and had to figure this out on her own. Today, she shares practical ways for you to avoid her mistakes and teach your kids independent learning.

In this episode you’ll discover:

✅ Most important thing to do in your homeschool

✅ 3 tips to create independent learners

✅ What to do when you feel so far off track and don’t think you can finish the school year

✅ 1 tool to help you stay focused in your homeschool

Resources Mentioned:

Life Skills Leadership Summit 2024

30 Days to Homeschool Reset

Mom Binder

As a mother of ten, Amber Smith doesn’t have time to waste. I bet, neither do you! That is why Amber creates clear action plans to help families find the right tools and develop the mindset they need to create a homeschool that fits their unique, individual lives. On her blog, 200 fingers and toes, she serves as a homeschool courage lender. To encourage first time homeschoolers, Amber created In Due Season, a site that hosts a course to overcome the top six roadblocks keeping families from experiencing a successful homeschool year.

You can find continued support on the In Due Season Homeschool Podcast where Amber shares reviews of tools and curriculum, technologies and products that solve specific problems for homeschooling families like yours.

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