Episode 70: What is Advent Season to Your Family

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Advent is more than the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As believers, your advent should look different from the world’s advent of shopping, baking and lots of activities. What tips can you get from today’s episode

✅ What is Advent season
✅ How would Christians celebrate Advent as a family
✅ Practical tips you can prepare your heart and your kids’ hearts for Christmas
✅ How to use advent calendars

Mentioned Links:

Best Christmas Books to Read Aloud during Advent, including Jotham’s Journey, our family favorite!

Christmas Celebrations Ebook

Christmas Around the World Unit Study

Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study

Advent Wreath & Devotional

Christmas Nativity Finger Puppets

Christmas Memory Match Game & Devotional 

How to Use an Advent Wreath (Free Advent Calendar Printable)

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