Peace Plan for the Holidays

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The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving or Christmas can be quite stressful. I know for myself, I’ve had several times of tears as I think about this week. Your points of stress are probably different than mine, but many moms are concerned. Without going into the details of why I’m stressed, I’d like to share a peace plan that might help you in keeping the peace this week.

5 steps to having a peace plan for the holidays - Thanksgiving & Christmas

1. Remember What’s Important

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks! As I grew up, my family took turns at the table sharing what they are thankful for this past year. A few years ago, we made a game of it. Everyone wrote down their thanks before the meal. After the meal we read a thanks and guessed who it was. We had lots of fun & laughter.

2. Choose Not to Argue

In my family, we don’t have huge fights. However, I know there are families that argue at every holiday. So, choose not to argue. How can you do it?

Dress yourself in God’s armor each morning, praying for God’s strength to be humble. Consider this verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It is only through Jesus Christ, the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that you will keep your mouth closed. It’s difficult, but do-able when you trust in Jesus.

3. Delegate

Let everyone pitch in to make a wonderful family time. Don’t feel like you need to do everything – grocery shop, bake pies, cook turkey, set table, decorate & clean home…You know the drill!

I’ve tried doing it all and guess what the result always is – stress, tears, arguing.

Make a change and ask those coming to your home, to bring their specialty dish. Have your own kids help clean the house before your guests arrive. Besides helping you, this teaches responsibility, work ethic and teamwork.

5 steps to a peace plan for the holidays - Thanksgiving & Christmas

4. Curb Your “Perfect” Expectations

With social media, it seems like every one else has the perfect family holiday.

Blogs have pictures of the “picture-perfect” family
Movies show families with the perfect home
Pinterest offers the perfect meal or perfect kids or perfect activity

TV shows highlight the perfect dessert, perfect decoration, perfect meal
Facebook feeds are highlight reels, not the real stuff.

Let’s face it…you won’t have a perfect holiday. Something will go wrong!

Spend your time planning for an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, instead of the perfect holiday.

Having said that, here area few suggestions:

  • Don’t try new recipes that add stress to your life
  • Pick up bread from the bakery, if baking isn’t your thing (This comes from a lover of baking breads)
  • Grab some fresh flowers at the grocery store and use them as a simple centerpiece.
  • Stress less by ordering your pies

5. Enjoy the Innocent Moments

Remember your children the first time they saw your home (or Grandma’s home) decorated for the holidays. Simple twinkle lights brighten a child’s face. Baking sugar cookies with sprinkles on top – together.

Don’t miss the simple joys of being together as a family. You can’t get a second “first impression”.

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What kind of peace plan do you have for the holidays? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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