Parenting Styles {This Week’s Giveaway}

how to simplify your homeschool

This week, everyone’s a winner…I’m giving the workshop to all 6 people who commented on my blog last week!



Parenting StylesWhen you look around, you will see a wide variety of parenting styles.  This week’s giveaway looks at some very, old styles in parenting . . . Old Testament parents.  We are giving away 5 copies of my husband’s audio workshop:  Parenting Styles of the Old Testament…that You Can Use TODAY!

All you have to do is post a comment on any post this week.  Share one parenting tip you learned from an older mom or dad.

how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. We have 11 children, 5 still at home and the rest grown and out of the house. I have found my parenting style changes. But one thing I have the most trouble and feel is the most important is to be consistant. Have a plan for the day, work the plan, keep the rules the same and handle life situations as consistantly as possible. the hardest thing is to remember what I said ” we were going to do”. I forget, get side-tracked, but the children always remember what I said and if I don’t follow through, they are disappointed and don’t trust me.

    1. Ariel,
      Wow… 11 kiddos. I completely understand how your parenting changes, now that my kids are grown.
      I had a friend who would plan special treats for her kids. She didn’t tell them the specifics, but she had a list for her own help. If she forgot and they reminded her, she chose an activity she could handle on that day. I hope that makes sense. Congrats on raising 6 so far & we’ll be praying for you, along with the other 5.

  2. One of the best things I learned from a pastor’s wife was that we are no one’s Holy Spirit…I am not my child’s Holy Spirit. As parents we are to train up, instruct, guide, nurture our children and let the Holy Spirit bring them to repentance. As parents we so often want our children to be repentant because it’s what we want. We should want our children to be repentant because it’s what they want. That they love the Lord so much they want to please him and not just us parents!

  3. I always go back to the tried and true advice of picking my battles. I started my family later in life and find that my expectations of their interests, talents, and abilities (DD 7, DD 2, DS 7 months) is more realistic than my younger parent friends. That also means I choose different battles than they do.

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