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A few years ago I took a mission trip to El Salvador. We had Bible School for 3 days and I want to share some of the lessons we did, so you can use some of this Palm Sunday Lesson for Kids in your homeschool this week.

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This week, we have 3 lessons about Holy Week (Palm Sunday & Easter) for our Bible school.  Today is our Palm Sunday lesson for kids and Melissa had some of the SHIP trippers act out the Bible story.

palm sunday lesson for kids

The kids from the orphanage & neighborhood had palm branches to place on the floor before Jesus & his donkey entered our patio. After the Bible story, we discussed ways we can worship Jesus Christ today.

Palm Sunday lesson - memory verse from

Our memory verse was John 3:3 and Jordan explained what it means. Then, we practiced saying it several times so the kids will memorize this excellent verse. Once Jordan thought they knew most of the verse, she began taking down some of the word cards.

Palm Sunday Crafts for Kids from

Next, Courtney K explained our FUN Palm Sunday craft painting with our feet. Yesterday when I showed this craft, she responded, “I’m all over this.”  It was terrific. Courtney figured out how to get the kids’ feet & hands painted and then back to the tables for finger painting. She even figured out how to let the boys in wheel chairs paint with their feet & hands. This was one of the best crafts we’ve done at SHIP El Salvador.

Palm Sunday lesson - pretzel recipe & snacks from

Before TJ’s talk, I introduced our snack: pretzel snacks, a symbol for prayer.  We talked about ways we can worship Jesus: prayer, singing, reading God’s Word, serving. To get our easy soft pretzel recipe, you can read our Monday Meals post here.

We concluded our Bible school with TJ’s testimony about believing in Jesus at a young age. We discussed how they could also trust Jesus as their Savior at a young age, also.

While my kids were growing up, we read specific Scripture during Passion Week. If you’d like our list of Easter Bible verses to read each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, just enter your email below. We’ll send it automatically to you.


.Question: What will you do to teach your kids about Palm Sunday? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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