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Palm Sunday Crafts & Activities for Kids {Recap}

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, but you may want to do some of these Palm Sunday crafts & activities for kids during Passion Week.  It’s a perfect way to keep Christ the focus of your Easter week celebration.  Let’s start with our Palm Sunday crafts . . .

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or Activities for Kids

Palm Sunday Crafts - fun painting with your foot & hand from

Other Palm Sunday activities for kids

Easy Palm Sunday activities for kids {Weekend Links} from

Palm Sunday lesson - pretzel recipe & snacks from

Easter Book for  Passion Week

Free Easter & Passion Week Bible Reading Plan

While my kids were growing up, we read specific Scripture during Passion Week. If you’d like our list of Easter Bible verses to read each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, just enter your email below. We’ll send it automatically to you.


.Question: What are your favorite Easter or Palm Sunday activities for kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.passion week - easter Bible reading schedule from How to Homeschool My




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