Oreo Moon Phases Activity

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Our Oreo Moon Phases Activity was a favorite with my kids and I think it will be fun for yours, also. When our kids were young, we took them to a Texas A&M Science Day, where we discovered this fun activity.

To help you get ready for this homeschool activity, I have a free printable with a variety of homeschool activities. Sign up below.

Then, be sure to learn all about the phases of the moon with our moon videos for kids. Watch them before or after doing the activity.

The first video is a bit silly, so your younger children will enjoy it. But, you will all learn more about the moon, the moon phases, and the first moon landing.

Try this demonstration at home to help your kids understand why the moon looks different throughout the month … why we have the phases of the moon.

Oreo Moon Phases Activity

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oreo supplies

Obviously, you’ll need a package of Oreos.  Each child will need 8 Oreos, a butter knife and a paper plate.

You may need more than 8 Oreos if they crack on you.

Depending on the age of your child, let them use a Sharpie to label each phase on the paper plate.

Be very careful as you separate your Oreos. I had a few crack, so I had to eat them.  Gosh!

The full moon & new moon are already done when you pull apart your Oreo.

It may take practice, but each child needs to scrape off the filling to create 2 crescent moons, 2 half moons and 2 ginnous moons.

Using the labels you already wrote on the plate, place the Oreos in their correct place.

Oreo Moon Phases

Be sure to talk with your kids about the moon. If you haven’t watched the videos, be sure to watch them now.

  • Does it shine light or reflect light?
  • Why does the moon look different throughout the month?

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Oreo Moon Phases Activity & Free Moon Printable

It includes several youtube videos to teach & remember the moon phases, as well as questions to discuss with your kids.  We also have a 1 paragraph writing assignment in this guide.   Simply enter your first name & primary email below and we will send it to you … for FREE!

Thanks for the Oreo fun with moon phases pdf. We used it yesterday after buying a box of the cookies for some extra fun learning about the moon landing and the moon phases. The kids really enjoyed the videos on your blog as well. Thanks so much for making those resources available. 

 ~Sabrina K.

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