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Did you join us for our Help!  workshop this past Tuesday night?  If so, you discovered two areas of teaching writing that are often overlooked:

Modeling & Publishing

One of the most important steps in the writing process is publishing your students’ writing.


When you publish your student’s work to someone other than mom, you do 2 things.

  1. Give purpose to your student’s writing
  2. Motivate your student to do their BEST.

There are a number of ways you can provide online student publishing in your homeschool. Here are a few I recommend.


Get 25+ ways to publish your students' writings from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com/blogYounger Students

  1. Make a mobile from your child’s writing
  2. Spiral Bound Book (use local office store for binding)
  3. Letters mailed to recipients (thank you notes, letters of invitation, etc)
  4. Print a copy of your child’s book at MixBook
    MixBook is my favorite printing place for homeschoolers. My son won BEST Study Abroad Book when he used MixBook – It’s Awesome!
  5. Ongoing Online Student Publishing
    1. Launch Pad
    2. Stone Soup
  6. Contests for Younger Students
    1. Skipping Stones


Older Students

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Industry Journal Publishing
    Find scientific journals for your student’s writings about Science.
  3. Print a copy of your student’s book at MixBook
    MixBook is my favorite printing place for homeschoolers. My son won BEST Study Abroad Book when he used MixBook – It’s Awesome!
  4. Ongoing Online Student Publishing
    1. Teen Ink
    2. Write It
  5. Contests for Older Students
    1. Skipping Stones
    2. Young Writers Awards
    3. Claremont Review

With a new school year upon us, how might you do some online student publishing?

Or better yet, check out WriteShop for ideas on the entire writing process. At each & every level, WriteShop offers specific ideas for your student to publish his writing. And someone other than mom can read it!

25+ ideas on how to publish students writings from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

Take a look at some of the publishing ideas WriteShop suggests in their manuals:

If you want specific directions on any of these student publishing ideas, grab a WriteShop manual.

  • Mat Mount
  • Books
  • Presentation Folder
  • Lapbooks
  • Computer Publishing
  • “Top Secret” File Folder
  • Make a TV Movie
  • Match the Story Project
  • Story Book Castle
  • Flap Book
  • Mini Display Board
  • Report Folder
  • Story Suitcase
  • Lift the Flap Lapbook
  • Friendly Letter
  • Diorama
  • Shape Book
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Biography

How might you publish your kids’ writings this coming year? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. Hi Kerry, this past July I attended one of your workshops at the THSC convention in the Woodlands. I enjoyed your presentation and received very helpful tips for teaching writing. I just wanted to contact you regarding an order I placed for a Writing Skills Activity book (Level D). Could you contact me at the above email address. Thanks so much!

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