One of my favorite homeschool resources is on sale!

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I’m a huge fan of notebooking.  I think you knew that.

Not only does it replace busywork, but it allows my kids to learn to “think” for themselves. You know I’m a huge fan of strategies that encourage critical thinking.  Your kids will also discover joy and excitement in their learning with notebooking…

… and my favorite resource for notebooking is 

Every so often, Debra, the founder of the site, runs a special sale on Lifetime Memberships. This is a deal I do not want you to miss out on.

Instead of explaining it myself, I thought I’d let Debra explain to you what it’s all about!  Every so often Debra holds a sale to say thank you to the community.

With homeschool in full swing, the pressures of the school year are starting to build.  If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and bored…

… or you feel like these three horsemen are on the horizon…

… now is the perfect time to give notebooking a shot.

To help you make the change, for the next 3 days, she is offering the Lifetime Membership for $25 off the standard price!

Here’s where you can grab the savings:

The Lifetime Membership includes 1000s of download-ready pages on all types of topics, suitable for children K-12.

And if this $25 discount isn’t enough, she has 2 free bonuses for you!

Bonus 1:
6 months FREE access to the notebooking web-app, the Notebooking Publisher.

Bonus 2:
$100+ gift bundle from our membership sponsors, including: homeschool planning / planner resources, copywork, unit-studies, art & music studies, Bible curriculum, nature studies, and much more!

And you get both of those FREE when you purchase a $25 off Lifetime Membership to

Notebooking completely changes the way kids feel about their education…
… and how homeschool moms think about their children’s education.

It creates a deep love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
It shows children that the treasure of education is about the journey of discovery…

… not about overfilling themselves with facts and figures they’ll never remember (how most educational models work).

If you’ve ever felt like you’re forcing your kids through their education day after day, week after week…
… it’s time to try something new.

Notebooking does not add more work to your overflowing plate of to-dos…

… it replaces dreary and unproductive busywork with an education that makes every moment exciting, self-directed, and inspiring for you and your children.

But you need to act now before the Lifetime Membership jumps back up to its normal pricing!


If you’ve ever thought of trying out notebooking before, now is the perfect opportunity.
Debra and her program have not only saved, but transformed more homeschools than I can count.

P.S. Debra’s $25 off sale ends at 11:59 PM (Pacific) on October 27. Find out more here:

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