Natural Solutions Replay

Thank you for registering for our online workshop. You may watch the replay by clicking the link below.

natural solutions to keep your family healthy - FREE workshop from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comNatural Solutions to Keeping Your Family Healthy

 doterra physicians family kit - see specials on HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comJust as a reminder, here is a recap of the details for the special offer given during the workshop:

1) You can purchase doTERRA Enrollment Kit this week and receive several extra items. 

You can get that by going here:   

2) These extra items include:

  • Essentials Oils Quick Reference Printable ($5 value)
  • How to Use Essential Oils ebook ($10 value)
  • Access to 2 Private Facebook Groups (priceless)
    • Healing in Our Homes  {doTERRA Texas}
    • Healing in Our Homes {Business Support}
    • eoily doTERRA group


WOW…that’s alot!