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Nativity Crafts for Kids {Monday Meals}

This isn’t actually a meal…but it sure is fun for your kids… nativity crafts for kids.  This morning I had 6 kids over so their moms could go shopping without kids, grab a cup of coffee in quiet or whatever they wanted to do.

Mom's Day OutWhen my kids were about 8-10 years old, we started inviting kids of young moms over for a few hours during the Christmas season.  My kids babysat while the young moms could have some time by themselves.

Some years we made cards.
Some years we made sugar cookies.
Some years we simply played outside.

This year we made homemade cards, nativity sets from graham crackers, threw leaves and played on the fort.  I couldn’t have done it without my son, Hunter.

Let me share a fun activity that you can do this week to put Christ back in Christmas.  While we made our graham cracker nativity, we discussed the Christmas story.

nativity craft for kids - candy nativity

I found this on pinterest from AOKCorral.  You can get more detailed instructions from them by clicking here.  You’ll also see pictures that are more perfect. The photos on my blog are from real kids, making a real candy nativity.

nativity craft for kids - sheep

First we made sheep from large marshmallows, toothpicks, and black licorice.

nativity craft for kids - horses

Next, we made horses from tootsie rolls and toothpicks.

nativity craft for kids - gumdrop peopleWe made Joseph, Mary & shepherds from gumdrops.  Fruit Roll Ups were cut in squares to make the shepherds scarf.

nativity craft for kids - set

A little fun & eating as we worked

nativity craft for kids - fun

A fun, fun time for all!

nativity craft for kids - christmas & advent

We made the stable and manger with graham crackers and chocolate frosting for the glue.  Coconut for the hay and a small marshmallow for baby Jesus.

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