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Happy Mother’s Day, Sweet Mama

Homeschooling is tough enough, but add shelter-in, worldwide pandemic, laundry, hungry kids and you can lose your mind trying to stay sane. One routine that helps me as a mom is journaling.

OK…you non-journalers hear me out.  I used to be one of you!

When I journal, I’m talking & listening to God. I can’t write as fast as I can think, so journaling helps slow me down to really listen to God. I don’t journal every day, probably a couple times a week. 

Sometimes it’s a quick 3 minute journal entry … that’s all I have time for. Other times, it’s a longer journaling time, pouring out my soul, my hurts, my anger, my bitterness, my gratitude & praise to God.

What I discovered with journaling is I go to God first, instead of people. In the past, I’d grab my phone and call my sister or friend when I was upset. I’d “throw up” on them. Thinking they could help me.

Ever done that?

Now . . .  I grab my journal and take a God poll, instead of a people poll. It keeps my focus on the only “certain” one in the world.

What’s all this got to do with my Mother’s Day gift to you?

This year, I have a gorgeous Homeschool Mom’s Journal for you. It includes beautiful journaling pages with mom quotes, as well as book marks & note cards in the back.  It’s absolutely free for you.

But you must grab it right now by clicking here & entering the Giveaway …   because it disappears tomorrow morning (May 11) at 10am EDT (that’s 9am CDT / 8am MDT / 7am PDT)

So, how do you get your free Mother’s Day gift from me?

When you enter the $5800+ Prize Giveaway, be sure to look for your Homeschool Mom Journal.  The Journal is free for you and it’s my gift to you for Mothers Day … today … right now!

And guess what?

Not only will you receive the Homeschool Mom Journal, you’ll receive a total of 5 FREE organizers, including a prayer journal, summer organizer, yearly organizer and more.

(Shhh … that’s a little secret I just let out of the bag).

All you have to do to get the extra 5 planners is check your email for the your Homeschool Mom’s Journal. Look to the right of the journal link & you’ll see all 5 planners.

How cool is that?

5 FREE planners & organizers for homeschool moms   But you have to share the Giveaway on Facebook to get all 5 planners. Staying organized and consistent is one of moms’ biggest challenges. So grab these planners & organizers while they are still free.

I’ll be back tomorrow as your BYB Tour Guide. Build Your Bundle has some awesome changes to help YOU get the bundle resources that will help YOUR homeschool. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Can you tell I love this coming week? BYB is SO. MUCH. FUN.

Finally, tomorrow I’ll announce my Bonus Package for anyone who uses my link to buy a bundle. That can be one bundle or all the bundles. You’re gonna love it. Watch your email tomorrow.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day. I’m spending it with my son who came in town to celebrate.

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