Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts

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Mother's Day Cards & Gifts


I know most of you will be buying at least one Mothers Day card in the next week.  I hope you will keep us in mind as you do your Mother’s Day shopping.

We have over 240 Mother’s Day cards from which to choose.

Or you can personalize it with your photos like the one I made last year.  It’s 8 1/2 x 11.

Why use Send Out Cards?

1. All you do is type your message.  We do all the rest (print, stuff, stamp & mail your card)

2. It’s a fraction of the cost.  My photo cards (5×7) cost $1.38 including the stamp.  That’s our lowest pricing & you can’t get that great of price at the Dollar Store.

3.  You can  even add a gift or gift card.

4.  Never leave your home or office.
Never go to the post office.
Never spend hours looking for a greeting card.

Set up your account now:  (see below)

  • Pay as you go!
  • Or set up a subscription to save money – There is no time commitment if you choose one of our subscriptions – Cancel any time

Here’s a glimpse of the inside card I sent my mom last year – It’s 8 1/2 x 11 – as big as notebook paper.  What a surprise when it arrived in the mail…with a Starbucks card.

Mother's Day Cards & Gifts




To set up your free account, go here:
1.  Click Join Now
2.  Choose which account you want.  If you are unsure, click the price sheet for Pay as You Go
3.  Choose the number of points you want to buy (5×7 Greeting Card = 2 points, 5×7 Photo card = 3 points)
4.  Choose your expense amount – this pays for stamps or shipping/handling
5.  Enter personal info and voila you have an account
6.  Go to card catalog to create & mail your card today.

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