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I still remember lying on our living room couch on a Sunday night after we returned from church. Our family was watching TV, waiting for the first man to walk on the moon. We didn’t have moon videos for kids to watch back then. We had to watch it live on TV.

Earlier in the day, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history with the first moon landing.

I was only ten years old and fell asleep before Neil Armstrong actually took his first step. Back then, we didn’t have replays or YouTube to see it again and again. I had to wait to see the news station play the scene again. But . . . I do remember it being a historical night.

moon videos for kids

The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and the first moon walk is tomorrow, July 20th. It’s the perfect weekend to have some science fun with your kids. Let your kids relive the first moon landing and first moon walk.

First Landing on the Moon Videos for Kids

This first video is a bit slow for today’s standards. But let’s face it … what was happening on the moon was methodical and slow.

In this video, your kids will see actual footage of what happened before, during and after the first moon landing. You’ll also discover the history of the Apollo program.

The following video is for older kids. It gives an overview of the first moon landing, along with interviews of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.


More Moon Videos for Kids

Since you’re learning about Neil Armstrong and his first step on the moon, your kids might want to know what astronauts do. In this kids video, you’ll learn all about astronauts, what it takes to be an astronaut and what astronauts do on the job.

This video is a bit silly, so your younger children will enjoy it. But, you will all learn more about the moon, the moon phases, and the first moon landing.

Try this demonstration at home to help your kids understand why the moon looks different throughout the month … why we have the phases of the moon.

moon videos for kids

Moon Phases Activity Guide

One of our favorite moon activities for kids is the Oreo Phases of the Moon activity. I’ve included it in our updated Moon Phases Activity Guide for Kids. You’ll also receive activities in Writing, Science, Bible and more.

moon videos for kids

Normally, this guide is $10, but you can receive it for a limited time free in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with Neil Armstrong.

Thanks for the Oreo fun with moon phases pdf. We used it yesterday after buying a box of the cookies for some extra fun learning about the moon landing and the moon phases. The kids really enjoyed the videos on your blog as well. Thanks so much for making those resources available.   

~Sabrina K.

Have fun this weekend learning about the moon with these awesome moon videos for kids. After you watch the videos, head outside and watch the moon as a family.

Take a Deeper Dive into the Skies of the Cross

To dive even deeper into what happened in the skies while Jesus was dying on the Cross, you can use our Easter Skies of the Cross ebook. You’ll discover more about blood moons and solar eclipses on that day.


Click here & use code: ECLIPSE (through April 6)

I just received your Astronomy, ebook, Star of Bethlehem…similar to Easter Skies of the Cross. It is AWEsome! . . . I am so excited about this material that I can hardly wait to introduce it to our children. Thank you for your time & for your AWEsome (in the true sense of the word) ebook. I am looking forward to the availability of the rest of your material on astronomy.

Julie Banton

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