Mondays are for Meals & Marriage

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I’ve been thinking about my blog and a way to share recipes I like, as well as marriage advice.  So, I decided to make Mondays the day I share “meals” or “marriage”.  So, get ready!

But you say…”This is a homeschool blog!  Why meals or marriage?

Homeschoolers do have to deal with educating their children, but they also have to other responsibilities, like feeding their family.  And, for those of you who are married, keeping your marriage alive!

marriage dinner dateFor that reason, I think it’s important to share ideas to keep the marriage flame glowing.  I’d like to share what worked & what didn’t work for our marriage while I was homeschooling our kiddos.

I’m no expert in marriage, but I can share my experiences.

And, I’d like to hear from you, as well.

Marriage Tip #1

Keeping your marriage alive will keep your homeschool going.

What do I mean?

Your relationship with your husband impacts your relationship with your kids.  When things weren’t going well between Steve & me, our kids felt the impact.


Be sure to spend time alone with your husband … on a regular basis.  If you can’t afford a babysitter, put the kids to bed and have a quiet dinner by yourself.  Or, watch a movie.  Many times, I would cook a special dinner while Steve bathed our kids.

How to Homeschool My Child marriage mealsThe reason I liked a quiet dinner (instead of a movie) was . . .

1.  I enjoy cooking and I could cook recipes that my kids didn’t like.  If you don’t enjoy cooking, find a delicious sauce and add pasta.  Buy some bread & salad mix.  Add a candle to your table.  You are set for a quiet & romantic meal.

2.  When you watch a movie, you don’t talk to teach other as much as during dinner.  Conversation is imperative to a thriving & growing marriage.  Steve & I would linger over dinner…because the kids were in bed. We didn’t have enough money to go on a date, so we found a way to have a quiet, romantic date at home.  What about you?

After writing about it, I think I’ll go plan a quiet, romantic dinner for tonight.

What do you do for a date…especially when you can’t afford a babysitter?
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ps.  I am excited to share both meals & marriage encouragement over the next several weeks.

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