Is Your Home Full of Drama?

Are you stressing about your parenting,
feel like a failure, or can’t take another day?

Enter the drama-free mom zone with practical strategies from the Bible to take stress, worry and anxiety out of your life.

Discover Kerry’s four tools to be joyful, have peace and smile.

With Drama-Free Mom, you can enter the “Drama-Free” Zone and discover how to:

  • Quit stressing out about your parenting
  • Get rid of the drama
  • Stop feeling like a failure
  • Take worry and anxiety out of your life
  • Be joyful
  • Smile in the midst of difficult circumstances
  • Get control of your overwhelm
  • Bring peace to your life, your home, your family
Your Drama-Free Mom Bundle includes a wide variety of resources for you to instill God’s peace in your life. You’ll receive each of the following:

Become a Drama-Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Home, Your Family!  ebook ($15)

Are you tired of drama or stress in your life?

Are you worried or anxious?

Do you need peace in your family?

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a knot in my stomach. I am not usually a fearful person, but I was scared of a neighborhood meeting and what I might need to say. Besides seeking Godly counsel, there are 2 actions that helped me gain peace and freedom:

Pray – Claim & declare Scripture back to God

Write in my Gratitude Journal – This simple activity has given me peace and freedom through several trials this past year. You can read more about it in the ebook.

We’ve raised three kids to become adults who are walking with God. I will share tips and tricks I discovered so I could get control of the overwhelmed and drama in a mom’s life. I’ll also share ways I failed so you can avoid my mistakes with your own kids. 

Get rid of the drama. Bring peace into your life, your home, your family..

You’ll also receive these tremendous helps to stop drama in your home.

The Drama-Free Mom Bundle was a very easy way to quickly change my “public school” mindset and daily routines to make my family’s weekly homeschool schedule run a lot smoother. 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Diane Spille, Homeschool Mom

Achieving Peace through Consistency  video workshop ($10)

Are you exhausted from your kids arguing with each other?

Are you ever inconsistent with your kids?

Are you not sure how to consistently discipline, and still build a relationship with your kids?

Kerry felt the same way as you. She would treat not treat all arguments the same. She didn’t always notice that her kids were disobeying. She was inconsistent until God brought some tools to her that completely changed the way she parented.

Discover those tools and how she implemented them to raise kids who now follow God as adults.

Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How to Stay Close to God video workshop ($10)

Do you ever get up early to read your Bible and your toddler wakes up, wanting to cuddle? 

Do you try to read your Bible study or pray in the bathroom, but the kids come barging in?

You know what I mean.

When you have kids at home, it can be very difficult to stay connected to God. Kerry raised three kids who are now adults. While the kids were at home, she changed her methods to stay connected with God. As they got older, she involved her kids as she stayed connected to God. Come hear Kerry’s stories from babies to teens to adults and how to keep Jesus the focus of your family at all times

How to DeStress Moms with 3 R’s  audio workshop ($10)

No, it’s not reading, writing, ‘rithmetic. If you’re stressing about your parenting, feel like a failure, or can’t take another day, Kerry will share 3 R’s from the Bible to take stress out of your life as a mom.

Discover how to quit comparing yourself to others and rely on God’s direction in your parenting. Quit being anxious as you listen to Kerry’s real life stories in following God’s direction for her family.


What’s Included in this Bundle?

Become a Drama-Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Home, Your Family! ebook ($15)

Achieving Peace through Consistency video training ($10)

Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How to Stay Close to God  video training ($10)

How to DeStress Moms with 3 R’s  audio training ($10)

If you buy each of these items individually, you would pay $45, but today you can save $20 buy grabbing our bundle at ONLY $25.

Retail $45  –  Bundle Price ONLY $25

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