Who doesn’t need a little inspiration and motivation to get out of a rut every now and then?

When we work hard growing our businesses while also balancing our personal lives, we can often times get lost in the shuffle, which may lead to health issues or making bad personal & business decisions. Or we may simply feel like we’re just doing the same things over and over – much like the movie Groundhog Day – and wondering if this is all there is to life.


When you hit moments like this, you need to break up the monotony.


Give yourself something new to focus on that will inspire you to take care of yourself. Or simply focus on something that is lacking in your business or personal life.


Creating a 30 Day Self-Challenge is just the thing that can spark some creativity and put some excitement back into your life.


You may be asking yourself …
“Why Not Simply Join a Challenge Online?”

As you well know, challenges abound if you do a quick search on Facebook or Instagram. Many moms use challenges as a way to grow personally or attract new prospects to their business. At the very least, they’re building their business followers or creating routines personally.

However, there’s no need to search for the “perfect” challenge or feel forced to join a group simply because you want to add something different into your daily routine.

Planning your OWN challenge gives you complete control over the results you want to achieve. You can plan your own calendar of activities that fit well into YOUR schedule, whether you’re a stay at home mom, work from home mom, single mom or homeschooling mom. You don’t have any obligations to purchase new products or opt in to new mailing lists that you probably don’t need.


One added beauty of a self-challenge: you can fine tune the challenge if you work from home and want to offer it to your own followers and prospective customers. But that’s really a decision that should be made at the end of your challenge, not at the beginning.


Right now, focus on yourself and leave that question as your last step

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