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Fall is a time for pumpkins, apples, and family hayrides. It’s also when families and friends gather to count their blessings. Whether you are looking for a fun project to do with your kids or something unique for you table decorations, this project is for you! Mini Pumpkin Decor – DIY!

In a few, easy steps you can create a magical pumpkin that will have everyone oohing and ahhing! So, let’s have a go at this delightful painting project!

These pumpkins make delightful gifts.

mini pumpkin decor for kids

You can show your appreciation for loved ones by surprising them with your masterpiece. Or, you can make this a family experience and take the time to build precious memories together.

The best part about any art project is that it celebrates the unique and fabulous gifts of each person. Take some time to be thankful for how special every member of the family is and set up your own painted pumpkin display in celebration.

Mini Pumpkin Decor Step 1:

Visit your local supermarket, or farm stand to find mini pumpkins to paint. (I got a great deal at the farm stand, two for one dollar!) Be sure to get a small pumpkin. You may be tempted to start with a large one, but with everything, it is better to start small and make a masterpiece.

Next, you will want to clean your pumpkin and ensure that it is completely dry. Once, the pumpkin is dry, take out a small amount of white acrylic paint and a paint brush. Flat paint brushes work best for this project but a round one could work as well. Add a small amount of water to your paint and coat your entire pumpkin in white paint.

Make sure to cover all the orange. I love that the pumpkin comes with a stem, makes painting so much easier. So, have a go with that and then let you pumpkin dry. Once it is completely dry, move on to step 2.

Mini Pumpkin Decor Step 2

Now that your pumpkin is all nice and white, let’s add a lovely watercolor wash. Watercolors are easy to use because mistakes can be washed away. (unlike acrylics) I am using Windsor and Newton’s Cotman watercolor in turquoise. However, you can really use any color you choose.

Part of being thankful is to Remember there is no right or wrong in art, so feel free to make this project your own. Thin your watercolor so that it can easily glide over the pumpkin. Do a light wash over the entire surface, covering your original, white coat.

Now, more expensive watercolor paint, like Windsor and Newton (and no I am not an affiliate–lol) is very rich in pigment. You will get brilliant color from just a tiny bit. However, do not let the type of paint stop you. Any watercolor will work. So give that baby pumpkin a watercolor wash, and let it dry. Then you are ready for step 3.  

Mini Pumpkin Decor Step 3

Now that your baby pumpkin is a gorgeous turquoise, we are going to do a second wash. This wash is a little different because we need to drop the paint, not rub. Let me explain. The last wash was a watercolor, which is water soluble.

you simply paint this wash on, it will blend the colors because the water will dissolve your turquoise paint. So, you want to lightly drop paint onto the pumpkin and then use a bit of extra water to let it run and fill in the surface. In places they will bleed together, however you should be able to see white and turquoise clearly. I used Windsor and Newton Cotman gouache white paint. This is really just a posh poster paint.

So, use what you have. You can also choose to use the acrylic paint from step one for this step. Thin the paint with water and lightly dab it onto the pumpkin in spots. Then wet your brush a bit more and drop a little water over the white paint so it will run and form a lovely pattern. Once you are happy with your results–which is all that really maters in art–then let it dry and move on to step 4.  

Mini Pumpkin Decor Step 4

Now we are going to have a bit of messy fun. You will need a fan brush for this step. Now, the other steps you can do with any brush you choose, but only a fan brush will create this gorgeous effect. Make sure to cover all your surfaces, and wear an apron.

Watercolor is water soluble but dark color will still stain. I used Windsor and Newton Cotman Verdian Hue watercolor for this step. However, use any color you have or want for this. This project really is one to use up extra paint or recycle paints that have just gotten crusty and dry. You decide what works best for you. It just needs to be a dark color. Once you have your paint, thin it with a bit of water. Then using your fan brush, coat the brush and gently tap it on your finger over the pumpkin.

Paint will go everywhere!

However, this is an art genius at work, we need to get a little messy sometimes. Cover your pumpkin with tiny dots of paint from your fan brush. Then, as you like, gently dab off various spots of paint to create another effect.

You will need a twisted up paper towel for this. You should leave some dots as they are, but then again, this is your project, so have a go and see what happens.

Let your pumpkin dry completely. Then, coat it with a spray varnish. It is important that it is a spray. The watercolor will be extremely difficult to coat with a brush, and it will probably change your design. By spraying it, the washes and effects stay in place. This layer protects your work and keeps the paint from seeping onto your best tablecloth at dinner.

How did yours turn out?

I’d love to see it!

Tag me in an Instagram post @britladyinamerica or email us a photo and we will share it on our Facebook page!  

mini pumpkin decor for kids


Mini pumpkin white acrylic paint flat paint brush round brush fan paint brush paper towels turquoise watercolor paint white gouache paint (optional) veridian hue watercolor paint spray modge podge

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