Mid-Year Evaluation: How About That Goal Setting from January?

how to simplify your homeschool

Last January I blogged about my 1-word for 2012 as part of my goal setting for this year.  Now that 2012 is half-way finished, I wondered how I was doing in implementing my 1-word for the year.

To be honest, I had to think a minute to remember what I chose as my 1-word for 2012.  (not too good, huh?)

Focus was been my 1-word; staying focused on the important and letting the urgent fall by the side, if necessary.

What I didn’t remember was my word was hyphenated, which means there was another word for 2012.  I had to re-read my post to remember that “faith” was also part of my goal this year. 


(Scroll down to read the entire post. It was written on my old blog & I re-posted it below)

Love Lifted MeEven though I didn’t remember faith as my goal, I can honestly say that I have been working towards that goal and spending more time in prayer this year.  I started a new prayer journal that keeps me on track & encourages me to spend more time in prayer.

After reading Love Lifted Me, by Sara Evans, I was encouraged to spend more time in prayer – like the characters in the novel prayed.

How are you doing in regards to implementing your 1-word this year? Please leave a comment reminding us of your 1-word and how it’s going.

If you haven’t chosen 1-word for 2012, it’s not too late.  Post a comment and let us know what you choose & why.  You can see my reader’s words on my old blog by clicking here.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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